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Experteer is a global recruitment market place for high-end professionals. There are over 5 million executives signed up on Experteer. This is a specialized platform for senior-level candidates that have several years of working experience. All positions must exceed our minimum salary benchmark of € 60.000 and once the position is classified by a dedicated quality check team, a personal email recommendation is sent to the most relevant candidates that match your vacancy. Experteer has a strong partner network that allows your job posting to get maximum reach to candidates. This is a posting for Germany. Please be advised this is a listing in HTML design and it's not possible to adjust the vacancy text during the campaign.

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StudentJob International is part of YoungCapital, Dutch biggest sourcing and staffing company of the new generation. StudentJob specializes in sourcing and staffing of young talent looking for a variety of roles, from part-time and student jobs to internships, placements, and graduate vacancies. Besides The Netherlands, StudentJob is active in eight countries across Europe: Spain, Germany, Belgium, France, The United Kingdom, Austria, and Sweden. Together our network boasts over 5.2 million young and ambitious candidates ready for you to recruit.

With our passion for and expertise in E-Recruitment, we will always find the best candidates for your organization.

A posting consists of:
- The posting will be highlighted in the search results
- The posting will be shown as a 'TopJob'
- 1 refresh per month (after 2 weeks)

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