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AccuSourceHR™ Workforce Solutions is a full-service employment screening organization headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Recognized as a 20-year plus award-winning screening industry veteran, we are committed to continuously promoting a balance between affording innovative technology and providing comprehensive, consistent, US-based client care. This objective is reinforced by the belief every client is unique and deserves a customized program of quality background and drug screening solutions to meet their specific organizational goals. Our team includes tenured subject-matter experts in key highly regulated industries including education and government. As a PBSA-accredited provider, AccuSourceHR ™ strives to ensure every client has access to robust compliance resources and views us as an extension of their organization’s human resources, security, and risk mitigation teams. 

Integration details

This integration facilitates seamless interaction between SmartRecruiters users and the AccuSourceHR™ SourceDirect™ platform, enabling the initiation of background screenings for candidates directly within SmartRecruiters. Users can effortlessly request a background or drug screen for a specific candidate through AccuSourceHR™ without navigating away from the SmartRecruiters system. AccuSourceHR™ takes charge of contacting the candidate, gathering necessary data, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, conducting the background or drug screen, and ultimately furnishing a comprehensive summary report to the SmartRecruiters user.



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Partner Categories

Integration Costs

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