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Company Overview

Founded in 1996, with over 9,500 employees, AMS are experts in all aspects of talent acquisition. AMS have over 1,000 consultants within their innovataion practice, providing advisory services to organsations both large and small across the world.  AMS have a wealth of experience in the talent technology space.

Experience with Smartrecruiters
  • AMS have had a partnership with Smartrecruiters for over 8 years
  • AMS have a global team of fully certified consultants on all elements of Smartrecruiters (i.e. including newer modules such as Attrax)
  • AMS have delivered 440+ Smartrecruiter implementations in total globally, with projects in every region (UKI, EMEA, US and APAC)
  • AMS can support Smartrecruiter new implementations, training, integrations, technical projects, optimisation and best practice support
  • AMS have a multi-lingual team


Talent Acquisition Strategy

Transformation can seem dauntingly complex. Where to start? What’s the end goal? Where to focus and what to prioritise? At AMS, we’re all about the people side of transformation. Understanding your strategy is our starting point. Our work is ensuring our clients have the right talent to power their transformation.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is no doubt happening across your business. Is your talent tech strategy working with it or against it? We’ll help you stay aligned with your organisation’s broader digital goals and needs. And if there are technologies in any other areas that could be applied to talent acquisition or management, we’ll find ways to harness them.

Employer Brand Advisory

To be an employer of choice, you need to build an employer brand that is insight-driven and talent-led. We’re here to help you build an unstoppable employer brand designed around your people and your business goals, enabling you to thrive today and tomorrow.

Assessment Advisory

Done well, assessment is much more than a box to tick. It’s a powerful, practical tool for accurately predicting job performance. In the right hands, it can solve any number of talent challenges. Generating more diversity. Enhancing internal mobility. Making sure you hire the right skills for the role and for your business. But how do you know you have the best methods and technologies for the job?

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity makes your business stronger. Without it, innovation, customer engagement and financial performance all suffer. That’s why we keep diversity, equity and inclusion top of mind in everything we do, whether sourcing candidates or creating technology solutions. We can help you meet your DEI goals, and work with you to transform your talent attraction and management programmes. As experienced guides in DEI, we will ensure you avoid any missteps along the way.

Contingent Workforce Advisory

Freelancers and contractors form an increasingly critical part of every workforce. But many organisations still do not have the proper tools to manage them. Does yours? Whether you’re looking to fix an existing programme or create one from scratch, our advisory team has the expertise you need. How to identify the right technology. How to integrate it into your business. How to design a fully optimised contingent worker programme that delivers all the benefits of a flexible, scalable workforce, without all the risks.


Our Team

Paget Miles photo

Paget Miles

Global Head of Alliances

Rory O Doherty photo

Rory O Doherty

EMEA and APAC Alliances Lead



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