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✅ Smartian from 2016 to 2022, I have led more than 100 successful SmartRecruiters implementation projects, challenging recruitment practices and campaigning for a zero escalation approach. I now offer, as a Freelancer, supervision of your projects, assisting your implementation project team with:
- Project preparation for success
- Hiring Process workshops
- Project Team coaching
- Change Management consultancy and support, including training.

🤸‍♂️My career has been marked with the diversity of assignments and encounters. As a pioneer of full remote work and functional jobs created by and for the digital space, I have supported organisations of all sizes from all sectors, on large-scale or lightning projects, on behalf of disruptive SaaS publishers, including SmartRecruiters from 2016 to 2022, as an implementation consultant, with passion, authenticity and conviction.

💚I believe in transforming organisations through projects and I am convinced that teams emerge from them, grown up and fulfilled, provided they are coached and mentored. 

☕Let’s chat.


Consulting Days

🔍 You are considering implementing an ATS but don't know where to start? You would like to take time to discuss your hiring process internally first but would appreciate an outside perspective during workshops? 

💚 Get Audrey enrolled for a few days per month to secure your plan.

🤝 Your needs will define the best option for your project, let's discuss.

Consulting Hours

⚡ Your management team has no time to coach the project manager? You do not have a clear view of what change management means in this kind of project, or you know clearly what it implies and already feel stressed about it?

🌸 Pick up a few hours of consultancy to secure your project.

🤝 Your needs will define the best option for your project, let's discuss.

Pack of 50 hours

 🎧 You need some one-off support on workshops or roll out training sessions, in english or french.

💎 Opt for a pack ;)
- A 20% discount is offered for a non-splittable pack of 50 hours to be consumed within 60 calendar days.

🤝 Your needs will define the best option for your project, let's discuss.


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Audrey Aubry

Freelance Consultant



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