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Use the power of automated interviews (video/audio) within your SmartRecruiters processes to create a unique and personal experience early-on in the hiring process 🎬

We are more. So much more than our past job specs or qualifications. Discover candidate’s true personality, in full color. Start the first step on an exciting career journey together. Cammio is on a mission to connect candidates and employers by capturing talent in all its facets. To get ahead with video.

Use Cammio automated interviews (video/audio) in SmartRecruiters to
  • create a videofied hiring process in one system 
  • achieve better matches for your open positions 
  • hire faster
  • engage with a great candidate experience  
  • ensure a fair and engaging process 
  • be GDPR-proofed 

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The integration empowers SmartRecruiters users to easily invite candidates for their Cammio automated interviews (video and audio) from within SmartRecruiters to create a unique and personal experience early-on in the hiring process. Candidates can conduct the automated interview from wherever they are at any time on all devices. Once an automated interview has been completed by a candidate, the link to review the results will be accessible within the candidate’s profile in SmartRecruiters. The integration doesn’t only provide a seamless experience for candidates, it also supports collaborative hiring decisions to create a fair process without unconscious bias.

Have a look at our integration video 🎬

Integration details

A seamless integration for an efficient & engaging recruitment process: 

  • Easily connect your Cammio account with your SmartRecruiters instance
  • Integrated Cammio automated interviews in your workflows
  • Invite candidates to automated interviews with a few clicks
  • Candidates receive a branded invitation e-mail containing all relevant information
  • Access links to completed interviews from within the candidates' profiles in SmartRecruiters

Get ahead with video with your candidates at 💜!



Set up automated video or audio interviews

Not every recruitment process and target group is the same! Be flexible and configure automated video and audio interviews - whatever suits your process ⚙️

Customize your interview templates

An interview template holds all information for an automated interview process, and you can decide: 
  • Set up a video messages and questions
  • Choose a max. answering time per question
  • Choose the available amount of recordings
  • Set an interview deadline
  • Brand the interview interface
...and a lot more 🪄

Automated e-mail reminders

Set up automated e-mail reminders for your candidates, so that they don't forget to submit their interview on time ⏰

No need to download an app, it's all web-based

Automated interviews are efficient, fast, flexible, personal & engaging. They can be conducted and reviewed at any time from anywhere. The Cammio application is completely web-based and can be accessed from smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. 🛜

Transcription service

You like to have a transcript of your candidate's answers? No problem! You can enable transcriptions for automated interviews on template-level 📝

Our Client Success Team

Yeah, we know! It's not a technical feature! But our Client Success Team is outstanding and always a 100% dedicated to support you creating your own video recruitment journey 🎥

Candidate Support

We provide a Candidate Support Page offering Tips & Tricks and FAQ, so for whatever information your candidate is looking, they're covered. And if they have specific questions, or run into a challenge during their interview, they can always reach out to our Support Team 💪🏼



  • Jan Marten Glienke image

    Jan Marten Glienke
    Lead of Recruiting at MOIA Operations Germany GmbH

    Through the automated video interview, we were actually able to offer an interview to every candidate directly after receiving their application, without having to find appointments or organise events. We were able to lower the time-to-hire by one week and the no-show rate by more than 10%.
  • Hannah Shields image

    Hannah Shields
    Recruitment Advisor at Analysys Mason

    Cammio videos have really improved the process. We have decreased the number of interviews we have done; the candidates are more engaged, they understand who we are ahead of meeting us and they are generally are stronger
  • Claudia Wolf image

    Claudia Wolf
    Manager HR Recruiting & Development

    Despite initial scepticism about how video interviews would be received by our candidates, we have implemented Cammio very quickly and easily and are thrilled about the results. Our recruiters finally have more time to concentrate on the candidates. The cooperation with the hiring managers has become faster and the candidate feedback is very positive. As a next step we want to integrate video vacancies via Cammio Stories even more to give candidates a better insight into the day-to-day work at GLS
  • Guy Tysick image

    Guy Tysick
    Senior District Manager UK

    Cammio affords an amazing new way of connecting to candidates in an efficient way. Time is precious even more so now and Cammio allows for an initial interview in order to filter a short list of candidates that are more suited in terms of behaviours to a vacancy ! Highly recommended!