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Take the guesswork out of your screening process using the #1 rated skill assessments platform 

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Canditech helps TA professionals and hiring managers avoid expensive mis-hires, and make confident, fast and objective hiring decisions by automatically evaluating both technical and soft skills using video interviews and job-simulation tests - the best predictor of future job performance.

Bias-free Evaluation, at Scale
Research shows that skills assessments and structured video interviews are the most valid and objective tool for predicting future job performance.

All-In-One Testing Platform
Assess technical and soft skills, cognitive abilities, and personality using skill assessments, video interviews, and pre-screening chatbots, all via SmartRecruiters.

ROI from day one
✅ Shorten time to hire by 50%​​
✅ Reduce unnecessary interviews by 80%​​
✅ Increase hiring diversity and eliminate bias​​

Integration details

The integration with Canditech will enable you to evaluate technical and soft skills using skill assessments, cognitive evaluation and video interviews, directly on SmartRecruiters. 



Cheat-Proof Assessments

Ensure the credibility of candidates’ assessments with the most advanced anti-cheating features available, including ChatGPT detection.

All-In-One Screening Platform

Assess technical and soft skills, cognitive abilities, and personality using skill assessments, video interviews, and pre-screening chatbots.

Comprehensive Assessment Library

Choose from our library of 500+ expert-made tests, customize existing tests to meet your needs, or create an assessment from scratch to evaluate candidates’ role-specific skills.

Automatic and Objective Assessment Scoring

Cut 80% of hours spent evaluating candidates with assessments that are automatically scored while eliminating unconscious human bias.

One-Side Video Interviews

See the people behind the resume and streamline your hiring process with engaging video interviews.

100% Customizable Assessments

We offer the flexibility to quickly and easily edit every component of our assessments. You can also import any of your existing tests to take advantage of all of Canditech's features.



Canditech’s skill assessments reduce the chances of poor hiring decisions by assessing candidates’ role-specific skills. This allows HR professionals and hiring managers to examine candidates thoroughly, screen out unqualified candidates early on, and spend more time on the candidates most likely to excel in the role. Canditech decreases time-to-hire by 50%, reducing time and resources wasted on lengthy recruitment processes.
Canditech allows HR professionals and hiring managers to screen and hire candidates based solely on their assessment scores, omitting any personal information that could lend to bias, such as gender, age, race, religion, education, sexual orientation, or disability. This method ensures that the top applicants will be chosen based on merit rather than inadvertent bias and contributes to a more inclusive and diverse workplace.
Many clients integrated their existing internal tests into the Canditech platform. By implementing your existing assessments, they will be interactive, checked and scored automatically, synced with your ATS, and easily reviewed by the hiring team. Moreover, your tests will be beautifully presented to candidates with your company logo, background, and videos, providing a state-of-the-art candidate experience.
You can create an employment assessment in any language or translate any existing tests in our library into any language. Currently, assessments in the library are only available in English; however, we will add more language options soon.
Canditech helps companies place more focus on candidates’ skills and potential, rather than resume, and eliminate unconscious bias by restricting the collection of personal information such as age, gender, race, education, religion, sexual orientation, or disability from candidates, promoting inclusivity and equal opportunity for all candidates.


  • Galia Aloni image

    Galia Aloni
    HR Partner, EY

    ״Canditech helps multiple teams within our firm streamline their hiring processes by allowing them to learn about candidates’ skills and potential early on, thus saving significant time and resources. We are very happy to be collaborating with Canditech and their very professional and accommodating team.״
  • Shelly Albeck image

    Shelly Albeck
    Head of Talent Acquisition,

    “Working with Canditech, we’re able to find and recruit candidates quickly and provide them with the space to easily showcase their skills and experience while using work-sample tests to provide a glimpse of what their future position at would look like.”
  • Ayelet Tauber image

    Ayelet Tauber
    HR Business Partner, Unity

    "Canditech helps us to shorten the time to hire and diversify our teams by starting the process with more people, and inviting only the most qualified ones onsite."
  • Mark Jenkins image

    Mark Jenkins
    Head of Talent Acquisition, ProductMadness

    ״Canditech has made our hiring process better. We save time and money by screening candidates faster and smarter. We hire the best and most diverse talent by judging them on their performance and potential, not their CV or background.״