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Checkmate is an easy to use automated reference checking and background screening tool that dramatically improves your Candidate Experience and time-to-hire. Using Smart Recruiters you can instantly send all pre-employment requirements with just 3 clicks. 

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Checkmate complements Smart Recruiters by offering a comprehensive portfolio of global pre-employment checks that candidates can complete from the comfort of their mobile device.  Checkmate is particularly strong in APAC, but can also service North American customers. 
Multi-branding and multi-lingual options are available, alongside enterprise-grade security and data protection tools.

Checkmate’s integration with SmartRecruiters makes the process seamless, and our 24/7 support team is here to help recruiters and candidates should they ever need.

Integration details

The integration is self-service and fast - simply select Smart Recruiters in the Checkmate integration selection and follow the prompts. You can be live in minutes.



Fastest way to improve your Candidate Experience

Checkmate's candidate portal takes the pain away from pre-employment screening and reference checking. Candidates can complete complex ID, licence, education or membership requirements on their mobile device with no paper, no logins and no stress. HR teams get the benefit of managing everything in one place - nothing falls through the cracks no matter how complex your pre-employment processes are.

Alongside Checkmate's market-leading reference tools, you can now instantly build highly-targetted reference check templates that your hiring managers will love. Gain deeper insights, and more accurate checks, without sacrificing time.



Simple, go to the integrations tab in the profile section of checkmate - the guide there will walk you through the rest.


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    Fisher and Paykal
    Checkmate rocks!

    "Provides the best possible experience for Candidates and Hiring Managers"