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HR Digitalization & Transformation

We are CLEVIS, your HR partner for HR digitalization, automation and strategy. We are here to help and guide you through HR Digitalization.

As an HR consultancy, we are dedicated to our core subjects since our foundation: HR Digitization, Business Transformation and HR Strategy Consulting. Why? Because we recognize that an efficient workforce makes difference for every company in every phase.

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How can we help you?

This will be the first and formost question to discuss to see how we best can support you. We offer services such as (but not exclusively)

  • HR Digitalization
  • HR Software selection
  • Change Management
  • Training support
  • Project Management
  • HR Strategy
  • HR Business Transformation
  • Skill Management
  • TA Strategy
  • TA Analytics & Reporting
  • SmartRecruiters Implementation & Rollout support

If this is something you currently require support with, please reach out to us, we are happy to support!
We provide our consulting services from Germany (in German or English).


HR Digitalization & Automation

We help you digitize and automate your HR department, thus improving efficacy and saving costs. We further support with HR software selection and have many years of experience in finding the fitting software for your company.

SmartRecruiters Implementation, Training and Rollout Support

We have SmartRecruiters certified consultants who 

  • help implement the software and all it´s modules,
  • help creating rollout strategies, 
  • provide trainings to different user groups, 
  • support with change management, 
  • aid with project management or manage entire internal projects,
  • provide support to improve processes & automation,
  • help with system administration & configuration,
  • and help with analytics & reporting.


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