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CuriousThing AI

Voice AI interviews delivered via phone calls to screen all candidates

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Curious Thing’s AI voice interviewer helps you screen applicants at scale so you can make better shortlisting decisions.

Our AI voice interviews are customised, interactive and assess behavioural skills important to the role.

Customers who use Curious Thing have reported:
● 45% reduction in recruitment cost
● 55% reduction in average time to hire
● Enhanced candidate experience and conversion rate

The process is simple.
1. You choose your interview questions from a question bank. A mix of eligibility and behavioural questions can be used.
2. The candidate makes a phone call to begin the interview and has an interactive conversation with our AI. Our AI is blind to demographic and personal information, hence increasing fairness.
3. On the dashboard, you can access candidate results and analyse their eligibility, behavioural attributes and English language capabilities.
4. You can use this to select suitable candidates and create a data-driven shortlist.

Curious Thing is currently available across Australia, USA, Philippines, Canada, New Zealand, UK and Singapore.

Integration details

Now integrated with SmartRecruiters, the benefits of Curious Thing are available to you.

Want to learn more about how Curious Thing can help your business? Click the ‘Request CuriousThing AI Integration’ button and someone from the Curious Thing x SmartRecruiters Marketplace will be in touch soon.