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Onboarding That Connects

Onboarding is more than just a great experience. It’s about building connections with the colleagues, information, and programs that matter most.

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Enboarder seamlessly transitions SmartRecruiter’s candidates into new hires in a fun and highly engaging way

The Enboarder Platform has three main functions

1. Make new hires feel welcome and prepared from the moment they sign their offer letter and eliminate pre-start nerves. Share company culture and create connections before day one, making them feel connected to their manager, team and company.
2. Coach Managers through the onboarding process and assists them to do it more efficiently and engaging. Simplify provisioning requests and those pesky admin tasks, while driving connection with their new hire.
3. Empower HR teams to create, test and deploy beautiful communications without the need for IT or a creative department.

Once the offer letter has been signed, information will easily flow from the SmartRecruiters software into one of Enboarders workflows. Allowing HR teams to manage and personalize the onboarding experiences based on the new hires role, geographic location and communication style preferences amongst others.

Key Benefits
– Improve candidate and new hire experience
– Improve top talent engagement

- Increase connection between the new hire, their manager, their team and the company
– Increased new-hire satisfaction
– Increased staff retention
– Increased employee productivity

Integration details

SmartRecruiters Native Integration

Connect your SmartRecruiters instance with Enboarder to automatically send new hires into their onboarding experience! You can find more details here.


Deliver nudges in the flow of work with Microsoft Teams, Slack and Workplace Chat

Compliance & Process
Turn your paperwork and compliance into a great experience with Adobe Sign, DocuSign, ADP, Equifax, Jira, Salesforce, Sendoso, Service Now, SharePoint and Trackercorp (Mitratech)

Automatically sync directories with Microsoft Azure

As well as these pre-built integrations, we have a range of REST APIs available that you can leverage to build your own integrations in and out of Enboarder with ease.



Connection Cards

Form and deepen relationships at scale by reinventing your employee profiles

Add authenticity and personality to your employee relationship management with our Connection Cards.
Help Your People Find Their People in the Flow of Work. Connect buddies, mentors, and team members on a human level by helping them find mutual affinities and interests through our People Connector.

Link Workers via the Power of Play

Create memories and leverage fun to form more genuine connections — by using Connection Cards in networking games, competitions, scavenger hunts, and more.

Help Employees Feel Seen and Special

Facilitate bonding throughout the employee experience — helping people touch base through messages or video, personalizing meaningful surprises, facilitating catch-ups and much more!

Journey Creator

Employee Experiences that Connect Your People

Transform your people programs into personalized journeys by blending your people initiatives together into a single, seamless employee experience journey with our agile, no-code Journey Builder.

Wow your people with engaging content

Cut through the noise with our mobile-first Connection Engine: with timely nudges and beautiful content delivered on demand.

Make the connections that make things happen

Prompt and encourage everyone to take the right actions at the right time. No confusion, no clutter, no overwhelm — just results.

Craft the Perfect Employee Experience Journey
Create Stunning Content

Build engaging web pages, team videos, and interactive communications in minutes with our simple, drag-and-drop interface.
Get the Right Messages to the Right People

Serve up specific, personalized content based on activity, demographics, and language thanks to Powerful Logic.
Send No-Hassle Messages That Pop

Deliver your content with zero friction and 100% convenience. No apps to download, no logins to remember.
Empower Managers to Shine

Make tasks too simple to ignore — easy, actionable Manager Nudges engage people leaders with features like pre-written messages and one-click sends.
Guide Employee Experience in the Moment

Collect feedback and act on it immediately with Real-time Coaching. Amplify positive experiences and instantly save the day when things go wrong.
See and Manage the Entire Employee Journey

Stay on top of your organizational culture with Check-in Surveys — and track your success over time with Enboarder Insights.

Data and Insights

Quantify the Quality of Your People Programs

Track engagement, action, and feedback with our detailed reports and customizable employee dashboards.

Spot Patterns Before They Are Problems

Slice and dice your data and compare trends across journeys, demographics, geographies, and more.

Connect the Dots to the Bottom Line

Directly analyze your people programs’ impact on key business results such as retention.
From Data to Decision in a Few Clicks
Guide the Entire Employee Journey

Monitor employee progress visually with our Journey Tracker.
See What’s Working at a Glance

Spot what’s working… and what isn’t, with our Engagement Heatmap.
Measure Sentiment and Satisfaction

Track employee feedback and eNPS throughout the employee journey.
Identify Your Next Nudge

Find out who might need an intervention with Task Alerts.
Track Your Retention Efforts

Use employee dashboards to see how your programs are reducing attrition.



A native integration exists! You can read all about it here.


  • Ashley Priebe Brown  image

    Ashley Priebe Brown
    Onboarding Program Manager, Zapier

    We saved 86 work weeks of mindless clicking and increased manager engagement by 10%
  • Karina Vanderwerf image

    Karina Vanderwerf
    Head of HR, Talent Acquisition, and HR Support at Foxtel Group

    We saw a 50% increase in eNPS scores in just one year.
  • Juliette Feunteun image

    Juliette Feunteun
    Performance & Change Manager, SG Fleet

    Thanks to Enboarder the adoption and engagement from our managers has been very positive. They know they will be prompted at exactly the right time to complete all the necessary tasks.
  • Beca Floyd image

    Beca Floyd
    Internal Commmunications and Engagement Manager at Dermalogica

    We have seen a 34% increase in positive engagement since using Enboarder