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eSkill serves thousands of clients and millions of assessment takers globally through integrated knowledge, skills, and abilities assessments. We are committed to serving the most dynamic and effective employee assessment products in the world.

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eSkill provides skills and behavioral tests as well as voice and video interviewing solutions that help businesses have total confidence in their hiring decisions so they can avoid hiring “mistakes” and decrease employee attrition.

As an innovator in professional skills assessment technology since 2003, eSkill has provided online testing for applicant screening and staff training for thousands of staffing firms and HR Departments worldwide. Over 600 modular subjects cover a vast range of professional skills including simulations for Chat, Microsoft Office® and computer proficiency that shows how applicants will perform in your work environment.

Integrating eSkill with SmartRecruiters creates a seamless recruiting and hiring solution that evaluates and ranks applicants’ skill levels to help managers make the best possible hiring decisions. The following features set eSkill apart from other skills assessment providers:

  • A flexible online testing platform that you can use to provide a superior pre-employment testing experience while you promote your company.
  • Choose subjects, questions and skill levels that are appropriate for all your jobs.
  • Use the eSkill Author to create your own questions and subjects.
  • A dedicated assessment expert helps you create customized skills tests and set up integrations with ERP and ATS systems.
  • 24/7 phone and chat support help you ensure your pre-employment tests meet your needs and test takers have a positive test experience.

We help clients evaluate candidates’ skills efficiently and accurately while maintaining compliance with federal and industry regulations. With eSkill you can:

  • Create and customize a library of skills tests for a wide range of jobs.
  • Identify, interview and hire top candidates faster.
  • Hire, promote, and train more accurately and cost-effectively than with off-the-shelf tests.
  • Increase EEOC compliance by offering an equivalent test to every applicant, and by using objective data to support your decisions.

Integration details

eSkill has a standard integration with the SmartRecruiters assessment API. This allows customers to quickly authorize and configure the connector available through the eSkill and SmartRecruiters partnership. 

By enabling this integration your team will be able to seamlessly deploy assessments and retrieve results directly from the SmartRecruiters platform, easing administrative burdens and streamlining your selection processes.

More detailed information is available once you've been assigned an eSkill representative.



Assessment Library

Access to hundreds of ready-to-use job- and subject-based assessments authored and validated by industry experts.

Customize Assessments

Create customized assessments by selecting questions from multiple assessments and adding free-form questions.

Realistic Simulations

Verify applicants have the right skills and experience by including questions that replicate job-related tasks.

Dedicated Assessment Experts

Your assessment experts helps you create and deploy assessments and develop hiring strategies to help you meet your goals.

Add Your Own Questions

Use eSkill Author, our online editor, to write or upload your own proprietary questions.

Branded Assessment Center

Personalize your assessment center with your logo to promote your company and provide a positive experience for test takers.

Create Email Templates

Personalize assessment invitations by creating your own email templates.

Add Screening Questions

Ask candidates screening questions when they sign in to take assessments such as current location, willingness to relocate, and years of experience.

SmartRecruiters Integration

Integrate assessment results and reports with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Video Response Questions

Add video response questions to assessments to get a 360-degree view of candidates and get thorough answers to standard questions.

Behavioral Assessments

Ensure candidates are a good fit for a job and your company culture.



Visit the eSkill Help Center for our most up-to-date information about our offerings.


  • Brandy Greer image

    Brandy Greer
    Nurse Residency Training Program Manager

    eSkill enables managers to easily assess the current knowledge level of new hires because it allows us to anticipate interventions. This helps better prepare new hires for our job environment and help them 'get up to speed' more quickly.
  • Kelly Irvin image

    Kelly Irvin
    Inside Sales

    Quick ability to generate assessments. Complete customization capability for your company's vision of assessments. Report generation for easy candidate comparison. Good pricing for product received. Very helpful for being able to generate which specific assessments we desire. Compare each candidate against another without having a generic canned assessment test.
  • Chris Marciano image

    Chris Marciano
    Sr. Manager

    Great! Customer Service is amazing. Ability to create custom tests. Flexibility to listen to what we need and create then implement. Toooons of questions in the bank.