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FPES pair their world-leading risk rating software with a medical assessment to deliver a comprehensive Pre-Placement suitability recommendation to improve safety in the workplace. 

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FPES offer a range of Pre-Employment Screening services, which have been specifically developed to improve  workplace safety and reduce first-year injury rates. FPES have utilised a National Network of treatment providers to complete our standardised assessments across 600 metro, regional and remote locations. Over the past 20 years we have collected a large library of task analyses of the unique and inherent requirements of many positions within the key industry in Australia and have built this into our risk-rating software to inform the employment recommendation. This software is supported by our Medical Team, lead by FPES Medical Director Dr Martin Raftery. 

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FPES have partnered with Smart Recruiter to provide integration options to new and existing customers. 



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    National HR Manager

    “Without the FPES pre-employment program, 295 unsuitable candidates would have been employed into our business”