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Source, qualify and recrute your talents on social medias

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With, conquer your future talents on social media! offers you the opportunity to capture the right profiles through targeted campaigns on social media, the largest talent pool in the world, while offering an immersive experience to candidates. in numbers:

  • +500 clients
  • +2000 campaigns completed
  • +3M sourced candidates

Today, more than 500 companies in France and internationally trust us.

Our expertise: With, go beyond traditional methods of talent acquisition and management. Source new active or passive candidates on social media.

1/ Acquisition: Diversify your distribution channels with customized marketing and advertising campaigns on social media. Offer your talents a unique candidate experience and boost your employer brand.

2/ Pre-qualification: Optimize your time to focus on what matters. takes care of verifying if the applications received are a perfect match for your expectations. Receive only relevant profiles from now on.

3/ Connection: Increase your efficiency and interact directly with talents via instant chat. takes care of connecting you with the candidates. One channel to multiply your meeting opportunities. offers a personalized approach to each of its clients, whether an SME or a CAC 40 company.

Hippolyte integrated into your application system

Our solution interfaces with your ATS to better meet your needs and facilitate candidate tracking. The agility and complementarity of SmartRecruiters and Hippolyte-rh will offer you an optimal experience in recruiting your future talents.

Integration details integrate seamlessly into your recruitment process thanks to it's highest level of integration into SmartRecruiter, "Oauth 2.0".

Hippolyte will only access the desired job offer while sending pre-qualified profiles to them.



Connect Hippolyte to SmartRecruiters

  • Automated real-time retrieval of job postings/publications and removals
  • Aggregation of your job offers by industry sectors and recruitment areas using our broadcasting algorithm

Job offer optimization

  • Our artificial intelligence engine generates a concise summary of all your job postings, making the application experience on smartphones as readable and engaging as possible
  • At a glance, candidates get the essential information from the job posting and decide if it's right for them

Applicant acquisition

  • Determining personas and targeting your candidates based on our segmented audiences (+8 million active and passive candidates)
  • Selection of channels based on industry sectors and utilizing our data
  • Optimizing campaign effectiveness with various tested visuals, videos, and messages


  • Every position is unique, just like every candidate. To accomplish this, we've integrated a prequalification questionnaire generator using AI for each job posting
  • Each questionnaire provides a rich and contextualized experience for your candidates, allowing for an effective assessment of suitability for the position

Submission of applications

  • Each application is validated by our teams through CV reading and prequalification questionnaire
  • The qualified applications are integrated into your ATS under the correct job posting with the Hippolyte source
  • Each application is accompanied by a candidate summary in PDF format (merged with the CV)
  • Non-selected candidates receive a personalized message explaining the reason for rejection via email



  • Pauline Fidélius image

    Pauline Fidélius
    Recruitment officer - Leroy Merlin

    Très belle expérience avec Hippolyte. Nous avons été agréablement surpris du volume de candidatures préqualifiées reçues. Nous avons recruté parmi les profils proposés par Hippolyte. La plateforme est intuitive. On recommande !
  • Jean-Luc Mangin image

    Jean-Luc Mangin
    Head of recruitment - SNCF

    Hippolyte RH has allowed us to highlight our job offers, with 7 million views resulting in 1800 candidates, including 600 qualified ones. Hippolyte has also helped us improve diversity by providing very good results in terms of female candidates in the profiles offered.
  • Laury Pierre image

    Laury Pierre
    Head of recruitment - Cultura

    We were pleasantly surprised both by the volume of applications received and by the quality of the profiles. Our campaign allowed us to target profiles that we would not have reached with our traditional job postings and to make hires as a result. The platform's use is intuitive, and we quickly engaged in chatting with candidates. Hippolyte supported us throughout our campaign, and it was a real pleasure to collaborate with them on this project
  • Katiana Besnard image

    Katiana Besnard
    Talent Acquisition Manager & Brand Employer Manager - Barrière Group

    The Barrière Group includes 32 casinos, 19 hotels, 3500 shows per year, over 120 restaurants, golf courses, and spas. With over 7000 employees spanning more than 50 professions. Hippolyte helped us attract new profiles, new talents. We received over 300K views and more than 1000 CVs, which boosted our seasonal recruitment