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Hired is the most efficient way to fill tech roles with quality candidates today.
We bring unbiased data insights, an easy-to-use talent marketplace software platform full of highly experienced candidates, and dedicated Customer Success Managers to help businesses of all sizes. Connect your SmartRecruiters account to Hired to simplify your interview process tracking and keep your current workflows.

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Through Hired and SmartRecruiters' bi-directional integration:
  1. Pull in job reqs directly from your ATS so you don’t have to recreate them on Hired
  2. Automatically add candidates from Hired to your ATS. When you reach out to candidates and they respond, we automatically push the profile to the right job req in your ATS
  3. Once a job is linked to a Hired position any changes to a candidate's stage in your ATS will also be reflected on Hired

Integration details

Step-by-step instructions can be found in Hired's Support Center.
There is no additional charge for integration and  set up takes less than five minutes

If you are new to Hired, get started here


  • Hired for Employers
  • Hired Overview


Cut through the noise to meet top talent

  • Focus on talent with the tech skills and experience meeting your needs
  • Boost productivity with curated searches to save up to 45 sourcing hours per hire
  • Opportunities to boost your employer brand

Build your strongest candidate pipeline with ease

  • Onboard in minutes to our intuitive and easy-to-use platform
  • Integrate with your ATS
  • Manage your pipeline with an overview of your open roles and interviews

Source underrepresented talent to hit DEI goals

  • Thousands of self-reported underrepresented candidates with 4+ years of experience
  • Bias Reduction feature hides candidate names and photos
  • Salary bias alerts notify you when your initial pay offer is too low

Level the playing field with Hired Assessments

  • Standardize the technical interview asynchronously
  • Evaluate more talent across more time zones 
  • Free your team from human proctoring while offering safeguards such as live playback 
  • Improve the candidate experience with organized evaluations



Hired matches employers with candidates across 50+ roles in Software Engineering, Engineering Management, DevOps, QA, Data Analytics/Science, Product Management, Design, and Sales. See the full list of roles Hired can help you fill.
We have a few ways of bringing candidates to the Hired marketplace:

Many come to us organically through methods such as referrals. We started in 2012 and have seen 3M+ candidates come through on the platform.

Our marketing team builds candidate community through a range of channels. This includes events, a library of resources, advertising campaigns, social media, and our ecosystem of partnerships.
Candidates must be approved to go live on our marketplace. Our machine learning algorithm assesses each profile and approval is based on several factors. 

Candidates should have an in-demand skill set, more than two years of relevant full-time experience (some sales candidates may have less), a resume and/or LinkedIn URL on their Hired profile, and the intent to start interviewing immediately.
Hired combines sophisticated algorithms and human empathy to match talent to employers. As a talent marketplace committed to making hiring more equitable, Hired actively ensures its AI-driven service maintains transparency and is free of bias. Hired regularly conducts an AI audit to review its technology and support its DEI goals and practices.    
Hired is not a recruiting agency, a job board, or a social network. It is a solution directly connecting employers to qualified, responsive talent with thousands of skills across 50+ tech and sales roles. 

Companies switching from recruitment agencies to Hired often say the decision is driven by a need for more quality candidates with specific skills from agencies. Employers find agencies are more focused on speed over quality. On Hired, they get both.
Hired is a prime example of a strong tech recruiting platform. It’s the simplest, most efficient way to hire the best talent. Hired offers a highly qualified pool of candidates — both full-time and contract — ready to interview. Each of them has been screened through a combination of proprietary algorithms and an in-house curation team. 

The platform also offers insight into candidates’ professional backgrounds, work preferences, and compensation. Employers have the information they need to make better decisions, adjust offers in real-time if needed, and hire the best fit for the team.


  • Simon Phillips image

    Simon Phillips
    SVP of Digital Payments

    I rarely get excited about anything in tech these days but this assessments tool is beyond what we have been looking for. Why did we not have this [in our toolbox] 10 years ago?
  • Nim Dhamu image

    Nim Dhamu
    TA Senior Analyst

    Hired is pretty efficient compared to a lot of the other platforms we've used. It's really easy to source candidates… and the diversity features help us find what we're looking for specifically where there's a gap.
  • Maria Ferrini  image

    Maria Ferrini
    TA Partner

    The candidates on Hired are actively looking. They have expressed interest not only in our company but they also are able to select what they're looking for within a company.
  • Patrick How image

    Patrick How
    Lead Tech Recruiter

    The first thing I did when I joined Hopin was say we need to work with Hired because there's always so many highly qualified, relevant candidates on there. The platform's just so easy to use it's really intuitive.
  •  Lauren Hoe image

    Lauren Hoe
    Technical Recruiting Manager

    The market is so competitive, and one of the best things you can do is have a quick process. Hired helps us achieve that.
  • Justin Kabalin image

    Justin Kabalin
    Lead Technical Recruiter

    On Hired, you get a response, whether it’s good or bad, in a matter of 48 hours versus waiting to see who replies weeks or sometimes months later. Hired is typically the quickest response from all of the sources that we use.
  • Catharine Maniscalco image

    Catharine Maniscalco
    TA Specialist

    [Hired] really was a game changer and definitely different from a lot of other platforms that we've had experiences with. I think one of the biggest highlights is that everybody on the platform with Hired is actively looking and the response rate is so much higher than I've seen with almost any other platform.
  • Nick Brough image

    Nick Brough
    Recruitment Lead

    This isn't candidates coming through where anyone that's interested will get straight on the platform. This is candidates that have been qualified by [Hired], they have that high level of tech expertise that we're looking for and they're serious about that next move. That's really the difference for me.
  • Brandon Muncy image

    Brandon Muncy
    Senior Recruiting Manager

    I couldn't imagine doing our job without Hired. Percentage-wise, we get the engagement. It’s just bar none, the best of any recruiting solution I've had either at this company or throughout the last 17 years I've been recruiting. I think [Hired] accounted for 25% of our hires over the past year.
  • Gurjeet Kashyap image

    Gurjeet Kashyap
    Sr VP of People Operations

    I love that the Hired team likes to check-in and help move offers/ responses along when we otherwise are at a bit of a stopping point with candidates. They serve as an extension of our Talent Acquisition team! Hired is a regular go-to resource for us for all things technical hiring! Some of our earliest joiners are from Hired — across our Sales & Software Development teams! We continue to use Hired to ensure we have access to technical talent as we grow and scale our business.