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The most user-friendly, affordable and effective one-way video interviews in SmartRecruiters

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Hireflix enables one-way video interviewing in SmartRecruiters so that you can:
  • save hundreds of hours,
  • standardize your pre-screening,
  • make better and faster hiring decisions.

Hireflix offers the most user-friendly and simple interface both for your company and your candidates. Their plans are also the most affordable and they will support you during a 1-month free trial so that you can fully test their system before having to make any commitment.

Easily build your one-way video interview

Ask questions with text or video. Hireflix also allows you to add a video introduction and farewell to your interviews to create an even better candidate experience.

Configure and brand your video interview to capture genuine candidate responses

Set the maximum time to think, maximum answer time, retakes and add your logo and brand colors to the interview so that it fully aligned with your brand.

Invite candidates to a one-way interview from SmartRecruiters

Invite candidates individually or in bulk from SmartRecruiters. Configure email notifications and reminders to choose how candidates will be invited to the interview. Candidates can answer with one click. No need to download apps, no need to register anywhere, it is seamless. You can even set automatic reminders so that candidates get notified if they don’t complete the interview in a specific time frame.

Review responses in SmartRecruiters

Once a candidate completes the interview, a link to their interview will appear on the candidate profile in SmartRecruiters + also a tag so that you can quickly filter and track who has completed the interview and who hasn't.  Your team and hiring managers can watch the interview on that link directly without the need to login anywhere else. 

Integration details

The integration is immediate. You can see how to activate it on this video:



Seamless One Way Video Interviewing

The most user friendly one way video interviews in the industry. 



  • Ashlyn L image

    Ashlyn L
    Great, easy to use platform, and AMAZING customer experience

    What I like best is that the platform is so easy to use and I like the option to have interview questions be asked in the form of a video. I think this makes the overall candidate experience more personal, which can be hard with one way interview platforms. Customer service is next to none, I have been blown away with the phenomenal customer service provided by the Hireflix team - they have won my loyalty over through this alone.
  • Ian D image

    Ian D
    Hireflix saved me time and money 10x more than I expected

    The one-way interview allowed me to experience non-verbal communication in an efficient manner (1.5x speed too), and allowed our hiring team to make very informed personell decisions with very little time input. The best candidates were also very impressed for the professionalism that our videos created and all the applicants valued the job opportunity with greater enthusiasm! Hiring takes so much time. Hireflix allowed us to save tons of time. We were able to capture (and retain) amazing insights and personalized data from interviewees that was as good as (if not better) than in-person interviewing. We were able to save user videos and their applications and come back later to extend a later opportunity to candidates that stood out.