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JDP helps build more trust, care, and connection in any organization with a comprehensive range of technology-powered screening solutions.

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JDP is an experienced award-winning provider of comprehensive screening and verification technologies. We collaborate closely with our clients, working hard to understand their needs and respond to them with precision, ingenuity, and technological sophistication.

Our SmartRecruiter integration provides a seamless experience that allows the initiation, monitoring, and review of background checks directly within SmartRecruiter

Why choose JDP?

Accelerate Your Hiring Process
Eliminate delays caused by cumbersome and outdated screening methods. With JDP, you benefit from a sophisticated platform that offers easy-to-navigate results and detailed record insights, designed to expedite your hiring timeline.
Ensure Compliance
Trust JDP to deliver swift, precise, and dependable screening outcomes. We adhere rigorously to all screening regulations and compliance standards, providing you with hand-verified, FCRA-compliant reports. Make informed and lawful hiring decisions with confidence.
Integrate Effortlessly
Enhance your hiring efficiency by integrating our background checks seamlessly into your existing workflows. Our solution automates and simplifies the screening process, allowing you to manage everything in one place.
Award-Winning Service
JDP’s 100% U.S.-based client service team is recognized year after year by HRO Today for our exceptional care, responsiveness, and client satisfaction.

Integration details

More trust, care, and connection at no extra cost with JDP's SmartRecruiters integration.  

Click “Request JDP Integration” to discuss the optimal background check plan for your needs with one of our screening experts. 



Biometric Identity Verification

We offer multi-factor biometric identity verification and the automatic capture of verified personal identifying information (PII) at the very start of the screening flow. This helps eliminate background screenings on incomplete, unverified PII to save you time and money, while producing exceptional confidence in all screening results. 



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    Little League

    “Quick and easy with awesome support­—that’s been our experience with JDP. Setting up accounts for our leagues is easy, reports come back fast, and being able to have our coaches and volunteers enter their information cuts down on a lot of work for our leagues. They believe in protecting everyone in our leagues as much as we do, and it shows.”
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    Amy Clark
    Vice President

    Equipped with JDP's Verified Identity technology, we’ve proactively screened participants with precision, efficiency, and ease – already identifying fraudulent attempts to access our community within the first few weeks. [It has] not only enhanced the safeguards we have in place but has amplified our commitment to the All-Star community.”