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Journey Front

Journeyfront is a data-driven hiring software that helps organizations improve hiring speed and accuracy.

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Journeyfront is a data-driven hiring software that helps organizations improve hiring speed and accuracy. The solution integrates with Smart Recruiters & other major ATS’s for a seamless candidate/hiring team experience.

Journeyfront’s suite of data-driven hiring tools and turnover/performance analytics solutions are especially effective at improving the % of hires that stay past 90 days and meet performance expectations within high volume positions.

Organizations using Journeyfront have seen – on average across all customers – a 29% reduction in employee turnover and a 33% improvement in performance within the first year of the partnership.

The Journeyfront Platform

Automate Candidate Screening
Instantly identify your highest potential candidates with our automated screening tools so you can quickly advance the right candidates to the interview process

  • Automated candidate sorting & filtering
  • Automated screening questions
  • Video interview
  • Predictive assessments
  • Job simulations
  • Skills tests
  • Language proficiency tests
  • Realistic job previews

Digital Interviews
Effortlessly build and use structured, digital interview guides to maximize interviewer effectiveness

Hiring Scorecards
Aggregate all candidate insights into easy-to-use, customizable scorecards to increase the speed and accuracy of your hiring decisions

Continual Tracking & Optimization
Measure the success of your hiring process and make continuous improvements with automated reporting and analytics

  • Hiring funnel reporting & analytics
  • Turnover & performance tracking, reporting, & analytics
  • Hiring optimization reporting & analytics

ATS/HRIS integrations
Integration Journeyfront with your ATS or HRIS of choice for a seamless candidate, hiring team, and admin experience.

Enterprise-grade professional services

All clients receive a dedicated customer success manager to assist with onboarding, training, and support. In addition, Journeyfront offers a team of hiring and data experts as needed to help you achieve your hiring goals and objectives:

Professional services include:

  • Screening plan/interview migration services
  • Candidate evaluation plan creation service
  • Expert guidance and consulting
  • Custom analytics
  • Hiring instrument monitoring and improvements
  • Data imports & management
  • Customers dashboard creation services
  • Job preview video creation services

Integration details


Improve New Hire Retention
Journeyfront customers have seen on average a 29% improvement in turnover within the first year of the partnership. Journeyfront is especially effective in reducing short term turnover (turnover in the first 6 months) in high volume roles.

Improve New Hire Performance
Journeyfront customers have seen on average a 33% improvement in new hire performance within the first year of the partnership.

Improve Hiring Speed
Journeyfront helps companies embed data-driven automation into the hiring process for faster candidate screening and hiring decision-making.

Seamless Candidate Experience
Journeyfront offers a seamless integration with your ATS of choice for an optimal candidate and hiring team experience.

Data-Driven Insights
The Journeyfront hiring solution allows you to achieve higher success rates that are possible with data-driven hiring. Journeyfront automatically analyzes your hiring data against performance and turnover data and allows you to identify key patterns to improve your hiring process over time.

First-Class Customer Service
Every customer is assigned not only a Customer Success Manager, but in some cases an entire team. We act as an extension of your team and are dedicated to working with you to accomplish your objectives.