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Keycoopt System boosts employee attraction, retention, and internal mobility via top referral program management.

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KeycooptSystem offers more than just recruitment integration. It provides you with the tools to build and nurture your very own member community. This unique feature enables you to create a dynamic network of engaged members, optimizing your recruitment efforts.

Unlock the full potential of your referral program with KeycooptSystem's integration.

Integration details

KeycooptSystem's integration empowers you to effortlessly broadcast job openings for internal mobility and employee referrals within your member community. Process applications directly in SmartRecruiters, and let KeycooptSystem streamline your referral program. This integration automatically imports job postings from SmartRecruiters, ensuring seamless recruitment channel activation. Whether referrals or direct applicants, all applications are sent to SmartRecruiters, with status synchronized between SmartRecruiters and KeycooptSystem.