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Makesure Consulting

Why have multiple checking systems when one will do

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Makesure is a background-checking company that differentiates by offering a single platform to request all possible checks you may need at the same time. 
Checks like Police, Online References, Working Rights Monitoring, Probity, Medicals, Psychometric Assessments all in one.


  • It's easy to request a check with Makesure


All checks in one system

Reduce effort managing several contracts with several providers.
Makesure has all checks - local and international with one simple integration for all.
Include All checks, online references, medicals and psychometric assessments in one place.

Pay as you go - no subscriptions up front

At Makesure, we believe you should pay for what you use not for what you might use.
Pay per check, per month following

No Lock in Contract

No lock in contract, simply buy checks and pay for them monthly.
No set up or exit costs. 

Working Rights Monitoring

Eliminate the task of looking up employees working rights, we do it for you every week. 
On demand reporting of employees working rights is free and receive full notifications of any changes to working rights for up to 2 years.

Support +20 hours per day

We support you the client and the candidate 20 hours per day when you need us the most. Our support channels include phone, email, chat and in-page task comment requests. 
Our response times are fast, often within 30 minutes. 
We listen and provide solutions. 



22 and counting


  • David Gibson image

    David Gibson

    Makesure where have you been all my Life, this is absolutely brilliant