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Maki People

Our mission is to guide large organizations into the AI era, redefining not only work but also how companies operate by engaging, assessing, and developing talents across the globe.

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Maki People is a AI powered one stop shop to engage, assess and develop talents across the globe. Allowing to assess 300+ skills from personality traits, soft skills, cognitive, power skills, langages, coding, hard skills (in marketing, finance, etc.), as well as video interviewing etc. in real time. We use speech to text engine and  trained LLMs like GTP, Mistral, Palm etc. to assess these skills in a very conversational way. This opens a new era in the assessment world. Also, we leverage AI components to offer great immersive experiences to candidates. 

Created in 2022, we already count 100+ leading references including Capgemini, BNP Paribas, Louis Vuitton, H&M, Dior, Mcdonald's, IKEA, Foundever, PwC and Nespresso.

The results: 

✅ 90% time saved screening applicants
✅ 50% decrease in time-to-hire 
✅ 8.7/10 average satisfaction of candidates with their experience on Maki People
✅ 9.2/10 average rating of candidates on Maki’s user-friendliness and overall look and feel

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Immersive Candidate Experience

We offer immersive experiences to assess candidates through scenarios replicating real-life situations. Theses experiences combines text, audio, and videos, making the assessment process conversational, enjoyable and informative.



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    Emmanuel Legros
    Talent Acquisition Lead

    We have simplified the process for recruiters by reducing the number of assessment platforms we use since we can use Maki for all types of skills. The candidate experience is positive and helps improve our employer image. You have been involved and committed since day one, you are listening and reactive and I am very happy with our relationship. You also kept enriching your platform to best fit with all our needs. Lastly, you provide everything you said you would and you respect the deadlines to deliver on schedule, which is precious!