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Overview’s In-App AI enables your recruiting team to get the most out of your investment in SmartRecruiters. No need to leave the database you’re already familiar with — our AI swiftly identifies top candidates with just a click of a button the second you post a job opening, empowers your recruiters to spend their precious time only on the well-qualified candidates, and finds great open jobs that fit the skills and experiences for your favorite candidates.

Integration details brings you the following:

Brain Neuron + Knowledge-Discovery Matching Technology provides the best possible matching candidate by thinking and analyzing like a human brain beyond just a list of job titles and skills. It's time to discover the hidden potential of your SmartRecruiters candidate pool.

Minimize Time Wasted. Maximize Productivity recoups 100% of recruiters' time wasted on reviewing unqualified applications by categorizing each candidate based on their matching quality. Put AI matching to work, and start reviewing qualified matching candidates from your SmartRecruiters database at the moment of job creation.

Automated Job-Matching Discovery for Candidates You Love
By constantly matching every open req to every candidate profile in SmartRecruiters, you will never miss an opportunity to relate silver medalists to other great-fitting jobs across your company.




You are sitting on a goldmine of talent. Rediscover and re-engage applicants hidden in SmartRecruiters. Our clients report over 50% of the hires they make are sourced from existing data!


No more jumping between systems to find top talent. MojoHire delivers powerful AI directly to your SmartRecruiters environment that you already know and love.

HIRE AT LIGHTNING SPEED’s AI instantly matches candidates within SmartRecruiters to open jobs and open jobs to candidates. You’ll have a solid pipeline of qualified candidates from the moment you post a job.


Since is constantly matching, all of your recruiters work in perfect sync. No matter who sourced a candidate, automatically matches that candidate with the best-fit role.

GO WAY BEYOND SKILLS AND KEYWORDS thinks like a human brain, providing the best possible matches for your open requisitions. Our AI looks at candidates holistically, going way beyond skills and keywords.



  • Ian Ide image

    Ian Ide
    Vice President, Talent Acquisition and People Analytics, Foundation Medicine

    The ability to quickly match people to jobs, and scale that in a way that we wouldn't be able to do otherwise, is a powerful benefit that we're seeing with
  • Greta Fitzgerald image

    Greta Fitzgerald
    HR Senior Director, iTalent Digital

    With, manually searching for candidates has been eliminated. Instead, we started reviewing qualified candidates. IMMEDIATELY!
  • Mike Andreq image

    Mike Andreq
    Head of Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Americas, Orion Innovation's matching technology is the most unique from everything I’ve seen on the market. It reads and analyzes our entire Greenhouse database and finds the right candidates with just a click of a button. With, we’re truly maximizing our TA efficiencies and minimizing time to close on our mission-critical roles.