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Highly vetted talents for SmartRecruiter users: fully integrated with your current Applicant Tracking System (ATS) workflow.

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Pro5 (formerly Mangtas) is an AI platform, specialized in finding and hiring the top 5% of remote professionals from cost-effective markets for roles like software developers, sales reps, and customer service experts.

Our proprietary AI bot automatically sources, tests, interviews, structures 500+ data points and matches only the best-fit talents to job descriptions – all based on objective & real-world capabilities, unlike traditional methods which rely on CV key words & theoretical tests. This has proven to shorten the hiring process from months to days.

Integration details

As part of our integration with SmartRecruiters, we match top, pre-screened talents instantly to your jobs using the existing SmartRecruiters workflow which you are already familiar with, so that you can quickly find qualified candidates, contract in a streamlined manner, and not have to worry about local payroll & compliance.

How it Works:

(1) Priority: through jobs posted in SmartRecruiters, you’ll have access to our pre-vetted talents several days earlier than the rest of the market.

(2) Matching: based on 500+ data points, we instantly shortlist only the best-fit talents straight to your dashboard in SmartRecruiters.

(3) Quick hiring decisions: you get a 360-degree view of each talent through data-rich profiles which include embedded interview videos, skill score cards, key stats, endorsement reasons, references, etc. Interview the ones who stand out and make a selection once you’re convinced – all using your workflow in SmartRecruiters.

(4) Your team is augmented with long-term & full-time talent in days rather than months by data-driven hiring, fully compliant with local labor laws and tax rules through our partner ecosystem.

We cover a wider range of roles, across geographies and industries, including:

(1) Emerging Tech: AI, ML, Data Science, RPA, Data Engineering, BI, Microservices, VR, Gaming, Blockchain, IOT & NoCode.

(2) Established Tech: Backend (Node.js, Java, .NET, RoR), Frontend (React, Angular, Swift), Full stack (frontend-backend combo), Solution architecture & design.

(3) Supporting Tech: QA automation, DevOps, Tech Support, SAP (esp. S/4 Hana upgrades), Salesforce Dev, Procurement, Infrastructure, Network & Security engineering.

(4) Others: UX, Product design, Business analysis, Product mgmt, Scrum master, Project mgmt, Workforce mgmt, Supply chain mgmt, Training development, Sales dev reps, Customer service reps, Virtual assistance, HR recruitment, Digital marketing, Editing, Tax & accounting, Financial analysis & Strategic consulting.



Shortlisting as a Service - Receive a shortlist of your top candidates pre-screened through a combination of AI technology and human expertise

  1. AI Tests 
    • Practical, open-ended questions are given where real world skills are also evaluated.
  2. AI Interviews
    • Candidates go through a personalized virtual interview and a holistic, unbiased evaluation.
  3. AI Scraping
    • Over 500+ data points are structured based on the candidates CV, public socials, references, etc.
  4. AI Matching
    • The 5 best fit profiles are shortlisted and sent after a final review by a team of human experts. Clients also get access to candidate summaries as well as our customized recommendation notes.



  • Cheehan Tee image

    Cheehan Tee
    VP Engineering @ Ninjavan

    Through their tech, Pro5 helped us identify high-quality candidates faster, which resulted in a higher closing rate. This has proven to speed up our hiring tangibly.
  • Nino Ulsamer image

    Nino Ulsamer
    Co-founder | Chief Technical Officer @ StashAway

    Pro5's data-rich and structured talent profiles really help a lot in building a point of view before deciding to proceed with a final interview. We believe in their systematic vetting and matching!
  • Alex Tan image

    Alex Tan
    VP Engineering @ Ohmyhome

    Thanks to Pro5, I can now focus on building my products and getting them to market, without the usual unreliability and overhead which typically comes with finding remote staff.