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Radancy’s Employee Referrals

Radancy Employee Referrals, formally known as Firstbird, is a premier digital solution, empowering companies to turn employee referrals into their most successful recruiting channel.

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Radancy Employee Referrals is the global leading employee referral program, powered by the connected intelligence of our Talent Acquisition Cloud. 
Radancy Employee Referrals help you engage and incentivize your employees to:

  • Reach more talent
  • Attract high-quality candidates
  • Recruit hard-to-fill roles

By seamlessly integrating into your workflow, we can help you create connections that count – helping you hire better talent, faster.

Integration details

Seamless Integrations
Our Radancy Employee Referrals platform seamlessly integrates with your existing business processes, including your applicant tracking system, single sign-on, and more, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for all users. 

Rewards Programs Build
Earn Activity Reward Points for every qualified referral and engagement milestone. Climb the Interactive Leaderboard to see top performers and celebrate achievements. Customize Your Rewards Shop with exclusive incentives that motivate and inspire. Boost your team's referral rates with a program designed to drive success and foster a culture of engagement and recognition. 

Automated Communication
Seamlessly matches jobs with departments and locations, ensuring employees are informed about positions that match their interests. It keeps them updated throughout the entire referral process, from submission to final decision, fostering engagement and transparency. 

Social Reach
Empower your employees to refer qualified candidates effortlessly through major social channels or directly, amplifying your recruitment reach and impact. 

Employer Branding
Ensure your employee referrals receive access to both jobs and related content about your company, enabling them to have an on-brand experience that puts your best foot forward.

Our platform provides actionable insights into your top-performing networks, identifies your most engaged employee brand ambassadors, and quantifies your outreach to potential applicants. 

Give your employees, including non-desk workers, the ability to participate in your employee referral program at any time with the mobile app.

Service and Expertise
Benefit from our extensive experience in executing highly effective and sustainable employee referral programs for global industry leaders. 



Seamless Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with your existing business processes, including your ATS, single sign-on and more

Rewards Programs

Build a rewards program that strategically boosts employee activity rates through incentivized engagement, an interactive leaderboard and your own configurable rewards shop.

Automated Communication

Match jobs with relevant departments and locations, and notify employees about positions that align with their interests. Keep them updated on every step of their referral process. 

Social Reach

Enable employees to share job openings easily on their social media networks, broadening the reach of recruitment efforts. 



  • Marec Gercak image

    Marec Gercak
    HR Business Partner, Erste Group IT

    “Implementing Radancy’s Employee Referrals was incredibly fast, simple and seamless. Their team has helped us to get our program up and running. I would choose Radancy again.”