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Real Links

Employee referral platform which transforms referrals by matching employees' connections to job vacancies, making it quick and easy to refer the right candidates.

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Turn your workforce into an unparalleled recruitment channel 

Real Links offers market leading referral technology to turn referrals into the key recruitment channel.

We set ourselves apart from competitors by allowing employees to proactively and automatically match their social networks (e.g. LinkedIn) with open jobs, finding great candidates that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

A few key benefits:

       1. High quality referrals using our matching engine

       2. Long term employee engagement through gamification and automated comms

       3. Employees become brand ambassadors through content sharing

       4. Supports your D&I objectives through our 5 pillars

       5. Seamless two-way integration with SmartRecruiters 

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Visit us at or contact us via [email protected]