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Recright lets recruiters hire top applicants faster, and it gives the candidates an equal chance to shine, through the power of video interviews.

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Create a job ad and receive applications

You can decide whether to incorporate video during this first phase. Consider including a video introduction of yourself and your company in the job ad. You can then invite candidates to submit a video introduction in response, or only ask for responses in the next step.

Prepare your interview questions

Before sitting down to record your video questions, think carefully about what information you need from candidates to make smart recruitment decisions. What qualities are you looking for in candidates? What types of personalities fit your work culture? Less is more when it comes to video interviews—it’s good practice to ask three to five questions.

Record video questions

Recording video questions should only take about five minutes or less, and you can send the same questions to all candidates. Instruct candidates on how long their answers should be and provide any other specific guidelines. Most recruiters find the optimal length for one video answer to be within two minutes.

Review candidates’ video answers

Since there’s no need to coordinate schedules with candidates or your team, it’s easy for both recruiters and hiring managers to see all the candidates on their own time.

Interview only the top candidates face to face

Now that you and your hiring team have reviewed all the video answers, you have a clear idea of what candidates you do—and don’t—want to move forward with. Invite only the top candidates to in-person interviews.

Integration details

Recright enables one-way video interviewing in Smartrecruiters so that you can:

  • save hundreds of hours
  • standardise your pre-screening
  • Give candidates an equal opportunity
  • make better and faster hiring decision.

Recright give you an opportunity to present your company and the key people in the pre-screening interview with employer video questions/introduction videos. We support our customers in English, Swedish and Finnish. 



Create your screening video interview in matter of minutes

Add your videos to interviews from your favorites, company library, upload them or record them there and then. Recright allows you also to add employer videos as well as welcome and thank you videos to create an even better candidate experience.

Equal opportunity for all candidates

Every candidate will receive the same questions and is given the same, equal opportunity to answer them, no bias that might be involved in phone screening.

Testing language or technical skills? No problem!

Time-limited video questions give you an opportunity to set maximum time to prepare, maximum time to answer and limits the  number of retake times (to 0 if you wish so)

Invite candidates directly from SmartRecruiters

Once you have created the video interview you can easily invite candidates individually or in bulk directly from SmartRecruiter. 

App free answering from better candidate experience

There is no app or registration required for submitting answers, candidates receive an email and can start answering with one click, on their mobile, laptop to upload ready made videos.