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RecruitiFi provides a global vendor management system (VMS) marketplace to manage agency recruiters more efficiently and lower your costs. Consolidate all your current agency recruiters onto one vendor platform, simplifying terms and billing for all agency hires. Furthermore, access a vetted community of over 25k specialized agencies who work at reduced fees, ensuring substantial cost savings.

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Employers use RecruitiFi across 70 countries to manage their entire agency management and hiring process. Take advantage of the power of RecruitiFi directly from your SmartRecruiters dashboard. It is free and easy to use, and your workflow is within SmartRecruiters.

Key Functionality:
  • Engage with your current agency recruiters under a single contract.
  • Streamline the entire agency workflow. Post jobs, match with agencies, receive and review candidates, handle all agency communications, and access reporting in a single platform.
  • Vet and onboard new agencies and access a marketplace of vetted agency recruiters who work at lower fees.
  • Consolidates billing, agency payments, and employer refunds to a single vendor.

Key Benefits:
  • Maximize agency value.
  • Reduce agency spend by at least 35%.
  • Eliminate administrative costs (a 10K person company will save 20k annual work hours equal to 10 full-time employees).
  • Reduce time-to-hire by more than seven days.
  • Increase quality of hire with 20% longer retention rates.
  • Increase diversity of hires by 15% or more.

Integration details

The RecruitiFi system is embedded within SmartRecruiters, so your workflow remains exactly the same.  There is a quick activation process, and then you and your team can access and manage agencies and their candidates in one seamless system.



Vendor Consolidation

Consolidate all your agency vendors to a single platform, a single vendor, a single contract, and a single invoice. Gain total control and visibility into your third-party hiring workflow.

Eliminate Procurement

Bypass your prolonged agency procurement process and speed up searches. RecruitiFi and SmartRecruiters are your only vendors. You control the relationships and fees with our agencies; otherwise, all agency recruiters work within RecruitiFi’s universal set of terms.

Streamlined Communication

Inline communication tools within SmartRecruiters eliminate enormous unnecessary cycles of meetings and phone and email communication.

Real-time Reporting

View real-time customizable reports on every metric you imagine around your agencies, candidates, internal hiring team, and third-party spend.

Global Reach

RecruitiFi is a global platform with support in every major economy in the world. Access our community of 25,000+ vetted agencies and make hires more easily and at lower cost in 70+ countries globally.

Solicitor Management

Eliminate the hassle of random agencies soliciting you, your TA team, and your hiring managers.  RecruitiFi manages and vets all interested agencies, and gets rid of the bad ones and onboards the great ones.



No, and savings are guaranteed.
No, activation from within SmartRecruiter can take a few hours.
Yes, we have a process where we do all the work that ensures 100% of a client’s agency recruiters join the platform. You do not need to renegotiate or cancel any contracts.
You can now control all agency usage and manage their candidate submission within SmartRecruiters.  The workflow for candidates is the same within SmartRecruiters, but now their source will be marked appropriately, and ownership will be automatically validated.
Vendor consolidation provides control, visibility, and a more efficient workflow, plus enormous savings in time, hassle, and money.  The typical client cuts agency spend by 35% or more.
No, there are only benefits. Streamline your workflows, improve your communications, improve candidate quality and diversity, expand your global reach, consolidate your contracts, simplify your billing, and realize tremendous savings over your current agency spend.


  • Sandi Molettieri image

    Sandi Molettieri
    Director of Talent Acquisition, Boston Medical Center

    Significant cost savings were realized, and there was a dramatic pick-up in speed. Going to an outside agency could be 25 to 30%. By utilizing the folks on the RecruitiFi platform, we can cut that in half, and at the same time, we are filling the positions much faster.
  • Donata Davenport image

    Donata Davenport
    Head of Global Talent Acquisition, Clarivate

    RecruitiFi is a beautiful platform. I don't have to have a single agency contract because we contract with RecruitiFi. Once the agency vendors sign on to RecruitiFi, that's their contract, which is standardized terms and conditions for all parties.
  • Ann Miller image

    Ann Miller
    Vice President, TA & Staffing, Memorial Hermann Health System

    RecruitiFi enables us to leverage expert search firms across all the roles for which we need help, and it finds us the very best talent. Within days, you're getting qualified candidates back. So, it changes the traditional process of working with agencies and makes it simple and much more effective.
  • Timothy Holt image

    Timothy Holt
    Manager of Global TA, Aristocrat

    RecruitiFi has simplified my TA process at three companies, giving us control and visibility and saving a ton of time and money.