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Reevolt enables you to maximize your hiring potential, scale on demand and get time back in your day to focus on people. Reevolt's AI enabled tools work for you, in the background, providing objective and unbiased job descriptions, candidate to role scores and readouts as inputs into your team's decision making. Use Reevolt and SmartRecruiters together to increase efficiency within the hiring process, discover candidate's skills fit, reduce bias and attract top talent.

With the addition of Reevolt, you instantly level up your hiring process without additional resources.

Reevolt helps your team:

  • Identify and match candidates to roles 
  • Reduce bias in the hiring process
  • Attract a more diverse candidate pool
  • Conduct more effective interviews with tailored guides
  • Screen a high volume of candidates without additional time and effort
  • Create a standard screening process across your organization
  • Minimize employee turnover and associated costs with candidate skills fit
  • Identify and higher top talent faster 
  • Get time back to focus on human capital
  • Utilize tools without affecting the candidate's experience
  • Scale without adding additional resources 

Integration details

Five minute easy integration following our step by step connection wizard.



Resume Scoring

Redacts then scores resumes to job ads providing objective reviews, interview guides and metrics for skills, experience and education.

Job Descriptions

Creates comprehensive and bias free job descriptions with just a job title and optional minimum requirements.

Private Chat Tool

Sources, summarizes and scores candidates to job descriptions. 



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