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Sapia’s automated chat lets you interview everyone. And because it’s low pressure, every candidate gets a chance to bring you their real and best self.

The result? You see the whole person, not just their resume.

Sapia is loved by the brands where who you hire really matters. Where the skills, behaviours and values people bring will make a massive difference to your customers.

It’s also loved by your candidates, because every one of them gets inspiring feedback based on their responses. Everyone receives an individual personality report that holds up a mirror to their true selves: their strengths, their work style, things they can work on.

With, you can now treat your candidates like you treat your customers.

Integration details

An enterprise-grade solution, Sapia is ISO27001, SOC2 Type 2, and GDPR compliant. Once your branded interview experience is configured, integration into SmartRecruiters is swift, taking less than a day. 



Chat Interview

A blind structured interview, over chat. In just 5 questions, we find the people who belong with you. Candidates are scored against an ideal profile, and automatically shortlisted for you.

Simple, engaging, and gives every candidate a fair chance. Most often used at the top of the hiring funnel, Chat Interview can be integrated anywhere into your hiring process depending on your requirements. 

Candidates scores and recommendations are visible within SmartRecruiters. 

Video Interview

An engaging, low-pressure non-AI video interview, perfect for next stage interviews. Shortlisted candidates can be automatically invited to their video interview, shortening hiring time and keeping your best candidates engaged. 

Fully customisable, including warm-up questions, multiple retries, and an untimed overall interview. 

Responses are available for hiring teams to rate and review through SmartRecruiters. 

My Insights

Personalised, professional insights for everyone who completes a Chat Interview. This non-directional feedback & coaching tips leave candidates feeling valued and elevate your brand. Never ghost a candidate again! 

Talent Insights

The CV replacement. A comprehensive insights profile for every candidate to help teams make the right hiring decisions. Hiring teams can dive into personality traits, behavioral competencies, communication skills, and more. 

Accessible & shareable via a link in SmartRecruiters. 

Talent Hub

The home for shortlisting candidates using scores and insights. Access all data in one view and filter, sort and compare candidates quickly and easily.

Accessible via a link in SmartRecruiters. 

Discover Insights

Measure key performance metrics including ROI and candidate experience, and gain powerful insights to highlight and interrupt bias through the hiring funnel. 

Accessible separately from the SmartRecruiters platform.



  • Rose Phillips image

    Rose Phillips
    HRD, Starbucks Australia took a lot of time out of processing our applications. It allowed us to widen the pool significantly, so we could see more people who were applying for the roles and we could manage the process through more quickly.
    We're sending less candidates to store managers, and seeing more of them employed.
  • Heather Polglase image

    Heather Polglase
    CPCO, Spark New Zealand has created efficiency, but more so effectiveness for our leaders because it because it reduces time to plow through CVs, and introduce their own perceptions or bias. It's served up a very different level of inclusion from a candidate profile point of view.