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Ai Chat Interviewing for enterprise business. Find the talent with the soft skills you need, fast. Ghost no one and get 90% candidate satisfaction.

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The world’s first Ai Smart Interviewer.

Sapia’s award-winning smart Chat Interview tool transforms your hiring process. Hire fast, disrupt bias, and deliver an experience that 90%+ of candidates love. 

With Smart Interviewer, Sapia’s global enterprise customers have achieved: 

  • 24-hour time to offer

  • >90% candidate satisfaction

  • 80% completion rate 

  • increase in hiring diversity.

With Sapia, you will strengthen your employer brand while realizing immediate efficiency gains. 

Our AI is ethical, explainable, and backed by peer-reviewed scientific research.

An enterprise-grade solution, Sapia is ISO27001, SOC2 Type 2, and GDPR compliant. Once your branded interview experience is configured, integration into SmartRecruiters is swift, taking less than a day. 

Sapia products available through the SmartRecruiters API include: 

Chat Interview: a world-first Ai-based blind structured interview. In just 5 questions, our Smart Interviewer finds the right talent for the job, delivering an automated shortlist of the best. Simple, engaging, and gives every candidate a fair chance. Most often used at the top of the hiring funnel, Chat Interview can be integrated anywhere into your hiring process depending on your requirements. 

Candidates are ranked and shortlisted based on their role fit, and scores and recommendations are visible within SmartRecruiters. 

Video Interview: an engaging, low-pressure non-AI video interview, rated 9/10 by candidates. Fully customizable including warm-up questions, multiple retries, and an untimed overall interview. Responses are available for hiring teams to rate and review through SmartRecruiters. 

My Insights: Personalized, professional insights for everyone who meets our Ai Smart Interviewer. These tips leave candidates feeling valued and elevate your brand. Never ghost a candidate again! 

Talent Insights: The resume replacement. A comprehensive insights profile for every candidate to help teams make the right decisions. Hiring teams can dive into personality traits, behavioral competencies, communication skills, and more. Accessible & shareable via a link in SmartRecruiters. 

Discover Insights: Measure key performance metrics including ROI and candidate experience, and gain powerful insights to highlight and interrupt bias through the hiring funnel. Accessible separately from the SmartRecruiters platform.

See our Smart Interviewer in action here.


Partner Categories

Integration Costs