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Allows talent acquisition and talent management teams to search for hard-to-find, technical and diverse talent, then send the candidates (export) to the SmartRecruiters ATS. The recruiter can also rediscover candidates in your SmartRecruiters ATS database and search up-to-date profiles.

Integration details

Seamless Integration with SmartRecruiters delivers BENEFITS

  • Powerful Candidate Search via AI-powered platform
  • Quickly and accurately search top talent using advanced AI/ML techniques, direct search, custom boolean, and power filters. Efficiently generate a highly-qualified talent pool by leveraging intelligent search methods to tap into 100's of millions of candidate profiles.
  • Search and identify rich candidate profiles
  • Gain a 360-degree view to hundreds of millions of candidates from untapped talent pools including public profiles, gitHub, papers and patents, employee referrals, company alumni, candidates in your ATS, and more.
  • Hire diverse talent
  • Easily create diverse pipelines with highly-qualified female, Hispanic, African American, and veteran candidates, and build an actionable recruiting strategy to meet your company’s diversity and inclusion goals.



Access millions of public profiles

Discover a 360-degree view of every candidate, compiling information from dozens of public social, professional, and technical sites to provide comprehensive profiles for every candidate you source.

Search over 39 million technical and developer profiles

Search candidates’ expertise in specific programming languages, and their ranking among contributors to different repositories based on their GitHub activity.

Search and filter over 96 million expert profiles

Find Expert candidates with deep subject matter expertise based on published papers, patents, conferences, as well as metrics which measure how frequently a candidate is cited in papers.



  • Alison Paris image

    Alison Paris
    Senior VP of Talent Acquisition at Peraton

    “We looked at a lot of vendors, and what made SeekOut the right solution for us was how the platform powers both talent acquisition and talent management,” shared Alison. “For a company like ours, hiring external talent and redeploying internal talent must be tied together. SeekOut provided a unified platform that supported both external talent and internal talent needs, and two products that work seamlessly together.”
  • Cari Hohley image

    Cari Hohley
    Senior Vice President of Talent Management

    “AI is the future of HR, and if you are not using AI right now in some way, shape, or form, you are missing the boat. We always have to do more with less, and leveraging artificial intelligence is the way to take some of the burden off us.”