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Cutting Edge Career Site Technology that is recognised globally

- Great Value
- Advanced integrations
- Drag & Drop Editor
- AI throughout platform
- Multi Language
- Advanced Data & Analytics
- Job boards (as many as you like)
- Easy build custom landing pages
- No need to write code 
- 24/7 Support

You will be blown away by what is now possible.

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Discover the future of recruitment success with our cutting-edge career website technology, designed for recruitment teams aiming to maximise their success online.

Our next-generation, no-code enterprise-grade career site builder empowers you to effortlessly create, design, manage, and develop your career site exactly as you envision, all through an intuitive drag-and-drop and AI-generated interface—no coding required.

No-Code Platform: Experience faster, superior career site development with our advanced platform, think Canva however specifically created for career sites.

CMS: Enjoy super-easy web editing tools that eliminate the need for coding— or why not let our AI handle the work for you.

Share: Utilize best-in-class job board technology featuring map functionality, full customization, and high SEO optimization.

Candidate Experience: Provide the perfect application experience and give candidates a dashboard to track applications, job alerts, and update details efficiently.

SEO Optimized: Benefit from exceptional SEO compliance, ensuring your website and jobs deliver outstanding SEO results.

Secure: Trust in our ISO27001-certified, enterprise-grade security, with hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for unlimited bandwidth and storage.

Gated Content: Effortlessly create gated content and member areas to capture perfect talent, deliver high conversions and more qualified leads.

Campaign Pages: Build unlimited campaign and landing pages, incorporating QR codes, forms, and jobs with ease.

Reporting: Know your ROI on spend and gain insights through clear, advanced reporting, data, and analytics.

Integrations: Simplify complex integrations, connecting all your data and job listings seamlessly.

Design: Achieve standout, flexible designs that match your brand perfectly and attract the right audience.

24/7 Support: Access our reliable 24/7 support, allowing you to work on your schedule.

Shazamme offers cloud-based digital marketing technology solutions tailored for corporate recruiters, placing career sites at the core of our services. Trust Shazamme to help you market your brand, jobs and values effectively and never miss an oportunity.