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Survale's Top HR Product winning recruiting feedback platform integrates with SmartRecruiters to gather feedback at each stage of the hiring process. Survale's predictive analytics turns that feedback into insights that enable organizations to optimize the people, processes and technologies they use to hire. Because Survale knows everything that SmartRecruiters knows about each candidate, it can pinpoint issues down to the source, location, job, recruiter, hiring manager and more.  Survale is a strategic platform that shows you your hiring process as you've never seen it and unlocks huge performance gains across your department.

  • Gather feedback on your career site to optimize navigation, understand job seeker motivations and refine employer brand

  • Automate feedback requests and leverage existing candidate information with API Integration to SmartRecruiters

  • Automatically measure Candidate Feedback in real time at all hiring stages and get actionable insights to optimize processes and technologies

  • Combine internal feedback with candidate feedback to optimize and align recruiters and hiring manager and manage performance 

  • Get unlimited dashboards designed to enable TA leadership, TA directors and managers to manage feedback insights for teams, divisions, locations, as well as technologies and sub processes like assessments, scheduling, internal mobility and more

  • Identify and prioritize issues that are affecting your hiring results

  • Mine comments to understand exactly what's working and what's not with your people, processes and technologies

  • Leverage positive experiences into higher Glassdoor scores, additional referrals and more

  • Engage and pulse new hires to reduce ghosting and understand external pressures standing between new hires and their first day of work

  • Automatically get quality of hire metrics and optimize onboarding

Available products:

CandidateX, OnboardX, EmployX, PreBoard, SurvalePromote, SurvaleRefer, SurvaleReward

Integration details

Prebuilt API integration with SmartRecruiters. Webhook and scheduled csv also available



Unlimited Views and Dashboards

Survale was designed from the ground up for HR. Get unlimited views of satisfaction metrics for all talent facing programs and get unlimited dashboards to provide metrics relevant to all level of talent facing users

Automatic Real Time Feedback Collection

SmartRecruiters triggers Survale to send pulse feedback when candidates status changes. And because Survale knows everything about each candidate from SmartRecruiters, there are fewer questions, higher response rates and issues can be tracked back to stage, source, location, department, recruiter and more.

Powerful Analytics and Actionable Data

Survale's analytics identify and prioritize problem areas with the people, processes and technologies you use to hire. From digital experience to assessments to interviews to offers and more, you get actionable data to improve hiring outcomes.

AI Based Comment Mining

Once Survale's analytics identify problem areas, our AI comment analysis show you exactly what candidates are telling you about these problems, providing a roadmap for improvement

Insight Sharing

Survale lets you set up dashboards to share specific data with specific people so there is no need for additional full users of the system to share information



  • Andy Mott image

    Andy Mott
    Talent Acquisition Operations Manager

    Survale shows us how widespread the issues are that come to light and that helps us identify themes and prioritize how we react to the feedback we receive
  • Tony Suzda image

    Tony Suzda
    Director of Talent Acquisition and Talent Strategy

    I can run a bottleneck report in my ATS,
    but having a candidate tell me specifically why was much more helpful