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Talent International

Talent is an award-winning talent acquisition solutions provider, including RPO, MSP and advisory services, as well as a certified Hiring Success and SmartRecruiters System Implementation partner.

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HS Certified
SI Certified

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Sydney, Australia



  • Talent is a certified SmartRecruiters Hiring Success and System Implementation consulting partner in APAC. Our solutions supercharge existing talent teams or enable them to outsource the entire recruitment process. 
  • Underpinned by core principles of people, process, technology and brand, our services span both permanent (RPO) and contingent (MSP) recruitment as well as specialist consulting and advisory across the entire talent acquisition and talent management spectrum. 
  • Talent can support SmartRecruiters customers with more than just recruitment services. We are certified to both implement and optimise the SmartRecruiters product as part of a holistic approach to talent acquisition transformation and hiring success, and have done so for numerous clients across multiple industries.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Feeling the strain of managing your entire recruitment function internally? Our RPO service could be the transformative solution you didn’t know you needed.
We go beyond mere adjustments— we’ll holistically optimise and manage your talent strategy. From broad workforce planning to the nitty-gritty of daily tasks, entrust us to elevate your recruitment process, significantly reduce administrative burdens, and amplify your ROI.

Embedded Recruitment

Overwhelmed by a sudden hiring surge? Struggling to hire roles with niche skill-sets or high in competition? Embedded offers the perfect solution for these critical moments.
By seamlessly integrating our specialised team within your existing processes and systems, we provide on-demand expertise to enhance your talent acquisition strategies, streamline sourcing, and consult to hiring managers with market insight.

Talent Advisory and Consulting

Facing a specific challenge in your talent strategy? Our Talent Advisory Service is here to help. 
Whether it’s just one pain point or multiple, we offer tailored consulting and implementation solutions to address exactly what you need — no overwhelming projects or lengthy commitments. 
If you’re struggling with people, process, tech, or brand, we can help.

ATS Implementation and Optimisation

Trying to tackle your tech? Our teams are certified Hiring Success and SmartRecruiters System Implementation consultants. More than that, we bring extensive experience as hands-on users of recruitment technology day-in, day-out too.
Whether you're introducing technology for the first time, replacing an out-of-date solution or seeking to optimise what you've got today, you'll be in the safest hands with our Implementation and Advisory team.

Contingent Workforce MSP

Looking to get control of your contractor workforce? Or perhaps you need flexible access to specialist skills? Our MSP solutions connect you to the talent you need, when you need it, all through one full-service solution which removes the hassle and complexity of managing an extended workforce.
Say goodbye to slow processes, inconsistent quality and spiralling costs, and hello to a steady supply of quality contractors at your fingertips.

Our Team

Tom Mackintosh photo

Tom Mackintosh

Managing Director, Talent Solutions

Cameron Robinson photo

Cameron Robinson

Head of Enterprise Solutions

Sorcha Joyce photo

Sorcha Joyce

Head of Client Services

Sarah Blanchard photo

Sarah Blanchard

Head of Implementation & Advisory


  • Kelly Young
    Chief People Officer, Isentia

    Since partnering with Talent, we have grown our global talent acquisition team, clearly defined efficient processes across eight countries, as well as adding a new end-to-end tech stack that reflects the organisational focus on innovation and customer experience. The global talent market is always changing and our partnership with Talent allows us the agility we need to quickly adapt whilst continuing to identify and engage top talent.
  • Pea Lord-Doyle
    Global Head of Talent, Immutable

    We were a small team at the time and needed to scale fast and hire over 200 people at pace and we didn't have the right internal team or capacity. ​ We needed a partner that we could trust to come in and hit the ground running, that had hired at scale within high performing tech companies before. ​ So for us, Talent's solution enabled us to hire the core tech and product skills at the pace that we needed and acquire the best people in market quickly. Our partnership is almost 2 years old and now operates across 3 countries. ​


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HS Certified
SI Certified

Year Founded


HQ Location

Sydney, Australia