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Textmetrics stands as the premier assisted writing platform globally, offering support in 12 languages and boasting over 60,000 users across 29 countries. Recruiters benefit from the advanced AI Writing Software during the writing process, which not only crafts job descriptions but also offers real-time feedback by analyzing your job decriptions in 12 languages. Textmetrics is effortlessly integrated and used alongside SmartRecruiters, ensuring a seamless experience.

Textmetrics aids writers by reviewing and analyzing texts in real-time, offering immediate suggestions for enhancements. It focuses on improving various aspects of writing, including:

- Eliminating gender bias
- Ensuring the correct language level (recommending B1 for its 80% comprehensibility)
- Promoting inclusive writing
- Avoiding age and cultural biases
- Maintaining brand consistency
- Adhering to specific writing and brand guidelines
- Enhancing SEO specifically for Google for Jobs

Textmetrics simplifies the writing process, making it more efficient and aligned with diversity, inclusion, branding, and SEO goals.

In addition, the platform offers all kinds of possibilities for production, collaboration, research, benchmarking and monitoring of texts.

Examples are:

Completeness: When a job title has been chosen, Textmetrics dynamically advises the current labor motivators and how to name them in the vacancy. By naming the right labor motivators in the vacancy, this results in 350% more conversation compared to naming 1 pull factor.
Gender: Textmetrics looks at whether a text has a bias towards men or towards women and uses suggestions to indicate how this bias can be changed.
Insights: Textmetrics also advises on the recruitment feasibility of a position. This gives the recruiter all the necessary information at hand and can decide to change the job title
Findability (SEO): If a vacancy is put online and it is not optimized for Google for Jobs / SEO, it will not be found. Textmetrics advises while writing how the writer can maximize the findability of the text or vacancy. This yields up to 200% more visitors compared to non-optimized texts.
Branding: If the company in the vacancy does not have the right image or tone of voice, then different people than your target group may apply or people will not recognize the company when they start a conversation and start working there. The right appearance is therefore important. While writing, Textmetrics measures whether the vacancy has the right employer branding image and what needs to be changed if it could be improved.

Integration details

As a user, what can you expect?

For Recruiters:
Recruiters receive support from an AI tool that accompanies them through the writing process by:
- Reading along with the recruiter's inputs
- Utilizing data-driven algorithms to analyze texts

Upon inputting a job title, region, and the level sought, the Textmetrics AI springs into action, generating essential labor motivators and other criteria (such as branding and SEO requirements) necessary for crafting an effective job listing.

Furthermore, Textmetrics scrutinizes the text for potential issues like inaccuracies, redundancies, or overly complex language, providing precise feedback on adjustments needed to enhance clarity and effectiveness.

For Managers:
Managers benefit from a comprehensive reporting and monitoring suite, offering ongoing insights into the quality of job listings, employer branding texts, and other communication forms.

Through analysis, managers can discover ways to improve job listings, understand competitive trends, identify which job titles attract better candidates, and determine which content yields the best results. To continuously assess and improve the quality and performance of job listings across websites and other media (including Word documents, emails, etc.), managers have access to customizable reports, monitoring tools, and crawlers.

Other characteristics of the platform:
  • A Job Description Generator that creates texts for you
  • Assisted writing environment/ augmented writing
  • Many algorithms
  • Monitors, reports and crawlers
  • Interface in 3 languages (Dutch, English and German)
  • Analysis of texts in 12 languages (see website
  • Workflow support, collaboration on texts
  • Many standard integrations available
  • API: easy to integrate into other tools
  • Keyword analysis
  • Project structure
  • Working with Templates
  • Fully customizable in all respects and customizable (functionality, algorithms and interface)



Inclusive writing

Gender-inclusive language
Did you know your writing can have a personality? It can be masculine, feminine, or neutral! To make sure everyone feels included, aim for a balanced tone with the words you choose.
Non-discriminatory language
Avoid using words that have age restrictions or are specific to one culture to make sure your writing is inclusive and welcoming to all.
Diversity & inclusion guidelines
Do not forget to include your D&I statement in all your communication.

Consistent high quality

Software customized for your company
At Textmetrics, we’re all about giving you the cream of the crop. That’s why we customize our software to your company guidelines, ensuring you get the best possible results.
Your company branding
We’ve got your back when it comes to keeping your branding on point. Our software spots prohibited terms and suggests specific brand values to make sure all your texts stay on-brand.
Your company tone of voice
Including your company’s tone of voice in all written communication ensures consistency and unity.

Understandable writing

Write in the correct language level
Long, complicated sentences and difficult words can turn readers off. That’s why we suggest writing at a B1 language level to keep it simple and clear for everyone.
Speak to everyone, in all languages
Using old-fashioned or formal words can create a barrier to effective communication and make it difficult for readers to understand. Textmetrics helps you choose the right words and expressions for your audience, while ensuring source credibility, familiarity, and emotional connection.
Write without mistakes
Typos happen, but no worries! Textmetrics has got your back with spellcheck and grammar check to ensure your text is error-free.

Online visibility (SEO)

Keyword analysis
Analyze the strength of your chosen keyword with our keyword analysis tool and receive suggestions for better online findability.
SEO check
Want to climb to the top of Google’s search results? Our SEO check ensures that your keyword is mentioned enough times to improve your ranking. It checks your page’s title, description, and headings.
Check the competition
Want to know what your competitors are up to? We check their page title, description, headings, links, and images.

Work in teams

Project Manager
Work together with your team on different projects simultaneously, no matter where you are in the world.
Data insights
Track all pages that you and your team are working on and check average content and SEO scores.
Check user activity, team activity, and page status with the project manager.
Company Consistency
Our software guarantees consistent high-quality writing, generating, and optimizing for your entire team.

Easy to use

Everywhere you write
Textmetrics partners with various companies, including CRM/ATS/CMS systems, so you can use our software wherever you write. Is yours not on the list or are you using a custom made system? Integrations are always an option.
All your texts can be translated in the preferred language, before or after making other changes.
Not sure how to start? Textmetrics created different templates so you can start quickly with writing your masterpiece.
AI Assistant
Make your writing tasks easy by generating and rewriting texts with one click.

Job Description Generator

Experience the power of our cutting-edge recruitment solution, the Job Description Generator, that provides:
  • First time right job ads
  • Fast, accurate, and error-free
  • Your tone of voice, brand identity, and diversity and inclusion (D&I) objectives
Uncover a recruitment process like never before – one that revolves around your needs.



We care for your privacy
At Textmetrics, we make sure that your data stays yours.
  • No data is collected to sell
  • No information in your account is stored
  • Only you can access your account
  • Data is secured through industry-standard data protection and a secure infrastructure
  • Our ISO 27001 certification shows how much we care for your privacy

You can find more information on our website:
Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanse, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.


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    Arcadis was able to attract 10% more female candidates by using inclusive language in their job postings.
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    Textmetrics’ analysis surpassed our expectations