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The English Quiz

Targeted English language assessment solutions that help streamline talent acquisition.

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Unlock the potential of your recruitment process with The English Quiz's fully adaptable English assessments:

Efficient Proficiency Evaluation By testing directly through Smart Recruiters, you can quickly and accurately gauge applicants' English proficiency, leading to effortless and more informed decisions. 
Comprehensive Test Library We offer a wide array of ready-to-deploy English tests varying in skills assessed and duration, tailored to meet the diverse screening needs of global companies.
Streamlined Hiring Our innovative English assessments are designed to speed up the recruitment process, allowing for swift identification and onboarding of the most suitable candidates with the required English skills.
Enhanced Candidate Experience We focus on improving the candidate experience, ensuring our assessments reflect the quality and integrity of your organization.
Accessible & Compliant We believe in creating an inclusive and accessible test environment, complying with the WCAG.

Discover how our English assessments can revolutionize your recruitment strategy.

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Integration details

Integrating The English Quiz into your workflow will empower you to seamlessly assess English proficiency through detailed skill assessments within SmartRecruiters. This streamlined process ensures a comprehensive English language evaluation of candidates directly on your preferred recruitment platform.



Quick Smart Recruiters integration

Easily enable Smart Recruiters - The English Quiz integration and start testing immediately.

Comprehensive Test Library

Choose the English test that best matches skills required for each position. Our tests include engaging questions focusing on real-life scenarios

User-friendly test interface

Give your candidates the best user experience that make them appreciate your hiring process.

Corporate Branding

Promote your corporate identity with branded tests, correspondence and dashboard

CEFR Level Scoring

Results are based on industry standard CEFR levels

Results in <24 hours

Fast, accurate results so you can make quick decisions

Time efficient

Accurate and quick English tests save time for both recruiters and candidates. 
Test results help you make quick decisions

Anti-Cheating Measures

Enhanced proctoring measures verify test-taker identity



Please contact us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help! 😀


  • Renz A. image

    Renz A.
    Head of Talent Acquisition, Atos

    We've been using The English Quiz for a few years now.
    We really appreciate their Customer support - fast response and solution from support team, Easy of use – the tool is user-friendly, and instruction is well-defined both for admin and examinee. In addition,
    The English Quiz provides accurate and quick results – they provide the result within 24 hours. We haven’t experienced any delay. Finally, it's an affordable solution with detailed results – clear feedback is provided.
  • Lisbett M image

    Lisbett M
    Recruitment Lead

    The English Quiz has been an amazing tool to evaluate the real comprehension and understanding of English prior initiate a recruitment process. The tool has help us to eliminate unnecessary interviews and have gave us a better perspective of the our candidates English level by measuring the main areas of the language.
    It’s easy for candidates to access as well for recruiter to read results and have a better comprehension of each area. Also it helps recruiters to focus on any of opportunity that the test flags that needs to be address during the interview process.
  • Antonio G. image

    Antonio G.
    People Digital Hub

    Regarding The English Quiz, I must say it's been a fantastic experience for us. Not only did it serve our primary use cases impeccably, but its integration into our ATS has been seamless. One notable improvement has been the significant reduction in test retakes stemming from alleged technical issues raised by candidates with our previous provider. Moreover, we've observed a marked increase in the overall reliability of test results.