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The Predictive Index

With The Predictive Index, you can use people data to guide every step of an employee's journey, including hiring, development, team building, and diagnosing engagement.

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The Predictive Index believes that every business problem is a people problem. People data should guide every step of an employee’s journey, from the first interview to the big promotion—and it should guide your business strategy too. We call this “talent optimization,” and every part of our modular platform is built to support it.

The Predictive Index Workforce Assessment is a tool that examines workplace behaviors to predict the drives and motivations of others, be a better manager, and communicate more effectively, it scientifically-validated assessment that measures four core behavioral drives where these drives fall creates a behavioral pattern that provides a simple framework for understanding the workplace behaviors of people.

Recruit the perfect candidate for each job with PI Hire. We help you narrow down your field with applicants with behavioral and cognitive assessments backed by over 60 years of science and millions of data points. Plus, we make your hiring process easy and objective with personalized interview guides.

Assess your team’s strategic goals and behavioral style (or “Team Type”) side-by-side with the PI Design—so you can know where the team is suited to succeed and where they may need to stretch. With PI Team Discovery™, you can build teams optimized for your business strategy and beat the competition.

Manage your teams to success with PI Inspire. No more guessing about how to manage someone best: Our relationship guides provide a thorough analysis of each team members’ behavior, with actionable steps on how you can help them reach their full potential. You’ll become more self-aware as a manager too, with personalized development charts that show your leadership strengths and caution areas.

Find out if your organization is on the right path with PI Diagnose. Diagnose’s employee engagement surveys give you detailed data on where your talent strategy is succeeding and failing, broken down at every level of the organization. When you run into engagement problems, we give you actionable steps to solve them.

Harness the full power of Talent Optimization with The Predictive Index.


Partner Categories

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