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The Selection Lab

Leveraging The Selection Lab's innovative assessments, we're enhancing the ATS experience, enabling companies to discover candidates who are not just qualified, but truly aligned with their culture and values.

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 The Selection Lab is the Next Generation Assessment platform, setting a new standard in hiring processes with a focus on innovation and inclusivity. Our latest breakthrough is video-based assessments, is utilizing company-branded videos. 

Integration details

With The Selection Lab you can invite your candidates for an online soft skill assessment directly out of Smartrecruiters. You will be able to measure the competencies, motives, preferred company culture, intelligence of your candidates, and compare these with tons of benchmarks.



video-based assessments

Our latest breakthrough is video-based assessments, is utilizing company-branded videos. These videos are uniquely enhanced with generative AI, enabling automatic translation into 40 different languages. This innovation not only streamlines the assessment process but also broadens accessibility, allowing a diverse range of candidates to engage with the content in their native language, thereby enhancing the inclusivity and reach of the hiring process. 



The assessments can be used at your discretion. We now recommend deploying them as early as possible. This way, you maintain an objective perspective and do not miss out on talent.
Assessments are the way to select candidates objectively. As a result, less attention will be paid to the 'relation between candidate and the person who is hiring' and more attention to competencies, motivations, and preferences for company culture.
An assessment is the tool to prevent mishires and recognize talent in candidates. The results are a prediction of potential work performance. By using assessments, you increase the quality of hire, retention, and diversity.
The full assessment takes about 45 minutes to complete. If a candidate does the assessment without the cognitive intelligence part, it only takes 30 minutes.
You can always contact us at [email protected]. During working hours, we are also always available via the chat on our site and by phone at 020 244 3212.


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    Claartje Groosjohan
    Head of People & Culture

    Our collaboration with The Selection Lab gives us the opportunity to assess our candidates in a fair and substantiated manner, suitable for our company phase and organizational culture. The user-friendliness of the platform ensures an optimal experience, for both us and our candidates!