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Traitify’s platform offers multiple image-based behavioral assessments that are scientifically validated, take only 90 seconds to complete, are optimized for use on mobile devices and predict applicant performance and turnover intention.

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Traitify by Paradox is a suite of talent assessment solutions that enable companies to make data-driven hiring decisions.

Our signature Traitify Big Five Personality Assessment is based on the most well-established theory of personality psychology and collides top-tier behavioral science with culture-savvy tech.

The mobile-first, visual-based Traitify assessments have brought soft skills quantification to hiring.

We have democratized assessments, making personality and other candidate data usable in high-volume hiring and across the employment marketplace.

Our 96% completion rate is unmatched in the industry.

We provide our customers with benchmarking, prioritization, and selection guidance based on role and their current employee performance to help them select talent that is the right fit for their business.

Benefits of Traitify:

Reduce Time to Hire – Applicants are prioritized by fit score, allowing you to screen and hire the best candidates 2 to 3x faster.

Decrease Talent Acquisition Costs– Improve tenure by making hires that are a better fit from the start, allowing your organization to reduce replacement acquisition activities.

Minimize Applicant Drop-Off – With the fastest assessment on the market (

Improve the Candidate Experience – We are built with candidate expectations in mind, allowing employers to build interest through the application process.