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Automatically collect candidate/Hiring Manager experience feedback to gain insights that will boost your employer brand and attract top talent with Trustcruit's survey & HR analytics tool

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Trustcruit collects feedback from your candidates in 5 steps of the recruitment process; after application, after interviews, after rejection, onboarding and hiring manager follow up.

Collecting feedback will help you work data-driven, benchmark your performance and improve your recruitment process. Average Trustcruit client improves their recruitment process 7,3-8,0 point in Net Promoter Score during the first 12 months.

What Trustcruit clients improve, examples:

After application
– Technical errors minimized
– Write better job ads
– See your application process performance compared to other companies

After interview
– Filter and see what recruiters/hiring managers perform well in interviews. Support and coach those that are in most need!
– Learn what recruiters are good at. Who creates the most ambassadors/promoters? Which are well prepared? Which book the interviews in an expected time-frame?

After rejection
– How many candidates say they never get a rejection?(on average 23% never get a rejection..)
– How many say they would apply with you again? Do you perform over or under the benchmark?


– How was your new colleagues first day?

– How was the introduction to the company?

– How was the introduction about the specific role?

– How many already ended their employment and for what reasons?


- Why do employees leave?

- What could have made them stay?

Hiring Manager
– As a hiring manager, in general, did you get the support you needed from HR?
– Did you get the support you needed to find the right candidate?

Integration details

About the Smartrecruiters & Trustcruit integration
Start collecting feedback from your candidates today with the Trustcruit & Smartrecruiters integration.

Keep working in your Smartrecruiters pipelines and connect your stages of the pipelines to trigger sending the feedback forms. All done automatically in the background.

Want to connect to Trustcruit and start receiving feedback today? Contact us and we will personally help you connect the correct stages in your pipeline, set up the forms and connect to the Smartrecruiters API with the secure OAUTH2.

Visit, book a demo and we will help you to get started.



Automatically trigger surveys

Branded & customizable surveys & emails

High response rates

Automatic & customizable reports

AI text analysis

Firefighting/follow-up feature

Send via text messages

+ many more features



  • Jennifer Aley image

    Jennifer Aley
    Program Manager, People PMO

    Trustcruit has been a great, knowledgeable partner throughout the platform's integration within our ATS and has continuously supported our team in a day-to-day capacity following the launch. The team is always open to answering our (many) questions and goes above and beyond to help where they can!