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Looking to truly transform Talent Acquisition, innovate hiring, and move the dial on what good looks like in recruitment? Speak to us about our refreshing approach.

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With over 100 SmartRecruiters implementations under our belts and a dream team of ex-TA Leaders and genuine subject-matter experts on all things SmartRecruiters and Hiring Success - along with our recognition as the most innovative, forward-thinking TA technology advisory, consulting and services business on the planet - we're delighted to be part of the SmartRecruiters Market Place.

Why us?

  • We've delivered over 100 SmartRecruiters implementations, with customer satisfaction scores that are off the chart.
  • Our global team are fully accredited and trained to deliver SmartRecruiters implementation and optimisation projects to the highest quality standard
  • We're multi-lingual, with team members who speak English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Polish and Romanian
  • We're Talent Acquisition People who have led teams in large corporates, scale-ups and start-ups - we understand your world


SmartRecruiters Implementation

With a track record of over 100 successful SmartRecruiters implementations, experience an unparalleled SmartRecruiters roll out with our team of technology experts and seasoned ex-recruitment leaders. 

SmartRecruiters Optimisation

Elevate your recruitment process with our optimisation services, fine-tuning your SmartRecruiters platform for peak performance, enhanced user experience and maximum ROI.

SmartRecruiters Automation +

Revolutionise your hiring with advanced automation features. Streamline tasks, reduce manual effort and accelerate the recruitment cycle, all within SmartRecruiters.

Hiring Success Consulting

Our accredited Hiring Success Consultants leverage the core principles of Hiring Success – compelling candidate experiences, engaged hiring managers, and highly productive recruiters – to revolutionise your recruitment process. 


Experience a new level of recruitment efficiency with TAOps-as-a-Service. Our team provides ongoing support, operational management and strategic insights to keep your talent acquisition process agile and effective.

Technology Solution Selection

Navigate the complex world of HR tech with ease. Our experts guide you in selecting the right technology solutions that align with your business objectives and enhance your HR operations.

Tech Stack Business Case & Strategy Development

Build a robust business case for your HR technology stack. We assist in strategising, justifying and implementing tech solutions that drive business growth and streamline HR processes.

Our Team

Peter Hetherington photo

Peter Hetherington

Head of Implementation


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Mat Michta photo

Mat Michta

Implementation Consultant


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Oriana Manda photo

Oriana Manda

Implementation Consultant


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Guada Gibbs photo

Guada Gibbs

Implementation Consultant


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Graham Stoddart photo

Graham Stoddart

Implementation Consultant


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Vicky Lewis photo

Vicky Lewis

Implementation Consultant


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Bárbara Kesselbrenner photo

Bárbara Kesselbrenner

Implementation Consultant


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Katrin Amend photo

Katrin Amend

Implementation Consultant


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Martin Burns photo

Martin Burns

General Manager, Americas

United States

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Gary Thomas photo

Gary Thomas

Principal Technical Consultant


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  • Richard Hutchinson image

    Richard Hutchinson
    Head of Talent Acquisition, CityFibre

    Udder took us through an amazingly straightforward journey. It’s clear they are a technology consulting partner with deep subject matter expertise. Powered by an agnostic approach, deep technical capabilities and most importantly, the ability to understand and challenge my strategy and thinking.
  • Sammi Abdoh image

    Sammi Abdoh
    Talent Acquisition Programme Manager - Gousto

    Udder were the calm amidst the chaos in our ATS implementation. Their reassuring presence and expertise instilled a confidence that they would be able to deliver to the highest standard, and they exceeded our expectations in every way.
  • Felix Wetsel image

    Felix Wetsel
    Director of Carer Acquisition, Cera

    What I liked most about working with Udder is their 360° service. They become fully embedded, acting as a team member. Going above and beyond. They are super responsive, comfortable dealing with senior management and presenting to other departments. Essentially, they are worth every penny.
  • Kim Canterford image

    Kim Canterford
    Head of People Operations, Global - Biocair

    Making changes to any process or technology is always a challenge but particularly when the goal is to drastically improve the experience for people externally and internally. Udder did a fantastic job of keeping everyone focused on our goal, sharing valuable insight from previous experiences with the system and personal knowledge of the recruitment field. We are extremely grateful for the down-to-earth, practical, and pragmatic approach Udder took to help us deliver.
  • Steph Kramer image

    Steph Kramer
    Global People Director, MindGym

    Migrating systems in 6 weeks is no mean feat. Working with Udder made that possible, and a seamless process for both internal teams and our people at large. They were able to drive so much value, not only based on their expert knowledge of the new platform, but also in their project management capabilities to keep us on track to deliver at pace.


Udder is an HR technology consulting and implementation company specialising in modern recruitment solutions. We are a platinum-level partner of SmartRecruiters with extensive experience in implementing and optimising SmartRecruiters across their core platform and all associated modules.
Our services include SmartRecruiters Implementation, SmartRecruiters Optimisation, SmartRecruiters Automation, Hiring Success Consulting, TAOps-as-a-Service, Technology Solution Selection, and Tech Stack Business Case & Strategy Development.
Our team has implemented SmartRecruiters nearly 100 times, demonstrating an in-depth understanding and capability across all its modules.
Yes, all of our consultants are not only experienced in implementation but also former recruitment leaders. This unique background ensures a comprehensive understanding of both the technical and practical aspects of talent acquisition.
Certainly, our team is multilingual, offering services in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Romanian, and Polish.
Hiring Success Consulting transforms your talent acquisition strategy into a dynamic, results-driven approach. We focus on creating compelling candidate experiences, engaging hiring managers, and empowering recruiters to elevate your recruitment process.
Yes, we guide businesses in choosing the best technology solutions that align with their strategic goals and enhance HR operations.
We assist in building a solid business case for your HR technology stack, strategising, justifying, and implementing solutions that drive business growth and streamline HR processes.
TAOps-as-a-Service is our offering that provides ongoing support, operational management, and strategic insights to keep your talent acquisition process agile and effective.
Our unique combination of extensive hands-on experience with SmartRecruiters, our team’s background as ex-recruitment leaders, and our multilingual capabilities set us apart in delivering customised, effective HR technology solutions.


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