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Predict job performance with skills assessments that showcase the talent of every candidate.

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Vervoe makes hiring about merit, not background.

See people do the job before they get the job with immersive work assessments that simulate environments candidates will be hired in. Vervoe is the most predictive way to assess candidate skills. Then, Vervoe’s machine learning models that have graded millions of candidate responses gives you an automatic, bias-free shortlist based on how well they perform.

We help employers make hiring decisions based on how well candidates can actually do the job instead of how good they look on paper. Vervoe replaces the traditional hiring process with skills assessments and gives every candidate an opportunity to showcase their talent by doing job-related tasks.

Vervoe’s AI-powered skills assessment platform drastically shortens the time from candidate attraction to offer stage, and materially reduces employee attrition. Vervoe complements your existing workflow with SmartRecruiters to make the best hiring decisions with greater confidence

Job Simulations & Skills assessments

Choose from our library of 300+ ready made (and growing) skills assessments across key roles and industries. Imagine watching an Enterprise Sales Associate give a live pitch from a deck they’ve just helped create, or a Marketing Analyst pull game changing insights from data in a spreadsheet.

With everything from design to coding and software engineering skills, you can customize an assessment to suit any role. Assessments test a candidate’s job-ready skills and soft skills like communication or attention to detail so you can get a full picture.

Our range of immersive question types including multiple choice, video, audio, code challenges, document uploads, spreadsheets, presentations and text ensures you’re simulating the tools, tasks and challenges of a real day in the life of the role. Our growing range of simulation question types, like the customer service, cyber and sales simulations takes candidates to the next level through answering customer support tickets in a live setting.

Powered by Best In Class AI

Vervoe is powered by AI to assess, score and rank candidates for the skills and attributes you require. You’ll get an instant shortlist and individual candidate breakdowns through our set of 3 machine learning models that measure the quality of a candidate’s answer against millions of other similar responses and actions.

Our AI models are blind to anything that could potentially create bias like gender, ethnicity, or background from the assessment process. We also monitor manual grading to ensure data integrity. AI is not just a buzzword, we’ve been trusted to grade millions of responses so you can hire smarter, faster and fairer.

A Winning Candidate Experience

98% of candidates love us, our winning candidate experience allows them to shine while you can level the playing field and give all candidates an equal opportunity to show what they can do. Say goodbye to unconscious bias and create naturally high performing teams and champion diversity. Employees hired through Vervoe perform 80% better, are promoted 44% faster and are 80% less likely to leave.

Say Goodbye To Unconscious Bias 

The best way to predict a candidate’s potential success within your company is by giving them tasks, challenges, and tools as close to a real day-in-the-life of your role as possible. Vervoe’s integration with SmartRecruiters makes it possible to validate candidate skills on the next level.


Partner Categories

Integration Costs