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Auto tag every talent profile with skills, relevant roles, experience level, and more.

Vettd is the missing layer of your HR technology stack that interprets, classifies, and labels natural language. Anyone using SmartRecruiters can use Vettd’s AI to auto tag every resume with skills, relevant roles, experience level, or any additional attribute you value. Stop spending time manually tagging resumes and dramatically improve the data your team relies on for hiring, sourcing, planning, and more.

Vettd’s AI is trained and customized by you with the help of Vettd’s experts. It becomes a powerful asset that is exclusive to your organization. Vettd is hosted independent of SmartRecruiters making it possible hook multiple HR applications together with a common AI layer. Using Vettd’s AI requires no change to recruiter workflows and provides impactful decision-making support. Supercharge SmartRecruiters with AI for talent classification today.


Integration details


Skill Analysis

Identify and label relevant skills based on AI models trained to understand your perspective.

Role & Project Matching

Match profiles to specific roles, position groups, or projects using AI models trained to understand a structured talent hierarchy.

Position Leveling

Use AI to dive deep into a specific role to understand nuanced capability levels.


Save time tagging & searching

Stop reviewing and tagging resumes manually and spend time on more impactful tasks. Search your candidate database with more purpose by filtering through tags assigned by AI.

Reduce Bias & Improve accuracy

Tag resumes with more consistency and less bias than your manual resume screening and review processes.

Improve search efficiency

With deeper metadata on each candidate, your team is able to search and discover candidate records by skill, job role, experience level, and more.

Stop missing quality hires

With AI reviewing 100% of your resumes, you can be confident that you’re not letting all-star candidates slip through the cracks.

Continuous talent management

Easily maintain a talent database that you can rely on with no change to your current workflow.

Improve decision making

Backed by robust data, more informed talent decisions can be made quicker and with more confidence than ever.