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VidCruiter’s suite of automated recruiting tools puts you firmly in control of every stage of hiring. Automate the heavy lifting for screening, scheduling, structured interviewing and reference checking so your team is free to focus on what they do best- finding the right candidates. VidCruiter’s recruitment tools are easily customizable and seamlessly integrate into your SmartRecruiters dashboard.

Give your team the gift of automation- whether you're simply looking for an interview plug-in or a single tool that handles it all. Save time, save money and make better decisions.

Accelerate Time to Hire
Hire at record speed by automating the admin to keep candidates moving forward.

Reduce Cost of Hire
VidCruiter’s recruitment suite can slash your hiring costs by more than 75%.

Improve Quality of Hire
VidCruiter makes structured interviewing easy and can increase predictive validity by up to 65%.

Enhance the Candidate Experience
Give candidates and interviewers an elegant experience with a versatile interview system purpose-built for all types including 1:1, panel, hybrid, and more.

Promote Diversity and Inclusion
Configure your recruiting workflow to accommodate any Diversity and Inclusion initiative. Make it a central part of your hiring strategy.

Comply with Employment Standards
Structure your interview process to align with organizational goals and monitor progress with detailed reporting. Put your team in a position to deliver.

Integration details

VidCruiter integrates with SmartRecruiters to allow candidate data to flow seamlessly between the two platforms. HR practitioners can push candidate details from SmartRecruiters into VidCruiter without having to manually enter it. VidCruiter then sends back results from interviews, reference checks and/or skills tests into SmartRecruiters automatically. 



Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

VidCruiter's asynchronous video interviews offer the simplest, most effective way to screen candidates. Candidates answer pre-selected questions on video at any time, eliminating scheduling, coordinating, and other potential barriers. Your team can then easily review, rate, and identify the best candidates to interview as quickly as possible. Our built-in structured rating guides enable a consistent and collaborative rating across your organization.

Live Interviewing

Experience video interviewing that’s miles beyond simple video conferencing tools. Access built-in rating guides and note-taking, plus additional features that prioritize a seamless experience for interviewers and candidates. Whether it’s a 1:1, group, or panel interview, any participant can connect securely with a personalized link. Interviewers receive appropriate materials and can collaborate more effectively by using features such as private chat and screen sharing. There is even a multi-scenario hybrid interviewing option to meet the challenges of the modern workplace.

Automated Scheduling

Access advanced interview scheduling designed for the enterprise environment . Integrate multiple calendars per interviewer and set both rules and availability according to your needs. Easily arrange scheduling for any type of event including phone interviews, live video interviews, in-person interviews, hybrid interviews, and more. Once a time is selected, all parties receive a unique and secure interview link via email or SMS, and timely reminders are sent out if needed. Spend your time interviewing, not scheduling.

Automated Reference Checking

Efficiently collect references for any number of applicants without a single phone call or email. Candidates input reference details, and the system automatically sends referees a secure questionnaire, with reminders as needed. Referees provide feedback at their convenience, resulting in higher completion rates and more in-depth, candid responses.

Online Skill Testing

Get deeper candidate insights with VidCruiter’s skills testing. Create custom assessments, or task simulations, using engaging video, audio, or text-based questions. Or choose from 100s of pre-built skills tests to assess abilities such as typing speed, Excel knowledge, language proficiency and much more. Our platform automatically scores and highlights top performiers, so you can identify top talent faster.



  • Patricia Langelaan image

    Patricia Langelaan
    Assistant Director, Talent and Culture - Accor Global Reservation Center

    “Before, we were averaging about 7 phone interviews in a full work day. Now we can screen 30 or more.”
  • David Robertson image

    David Robertson
    Director, Human Resources - Twin Rivers Unified School District

    “There’s no more phone tag, both applicants and references can complete it whenever they want.”