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Walton Management

Walton integrates with SmartRecruiters to streamline, automate and maximize Work Opportunity Tax Credits.

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SmartRecruiters' customers can leverage Walton's WOTC integration to streamline and automate the screening of new hires for Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) with ease.  

Integration details

During onboarding, Walton administers a short and simple questionnaire to determine if the individual being hired qualifies the employer for Work Opportunity Tax Credit.  At the end of the screening, potentially-eligible employees electronically sign and file the time-senstitive Form 8850 with a simple click.  



Automated WOTC Screening

Walton's online WOTC screening questionnaire is integrated into the onboarding process to quickly screen your new hire for WOTC eligibility.  By answering 8 simple questions, Walton determines if the new hire potentially qualifies the employer for a tax credit.  At the end of the screening, potentially eligible hires electronically sign and file the time-sensitive Form 8850.

Streamlined Workflow

Walton's WOTC screening solution is designed to integrate seamlessly into your onboarding process, so all you have to is hire.  Walton takes care of all the form filing and certification on your behalf and tracks the employees hours worked and wages earned to report your tax credits.  |  
 | Maximize WOTC Benefits | 

Maximize WOTC Benefits

By automating WOTC with Walton, employers are able to optimize the WOTC screening of new hires and maximize tax credits altogether.



WOTC stands for Work Opportunity Tax Credit.  WOTC is a program established in 1996; designed to promote the hiring of individuals that face significant barriers to securing employment.  Employer that participate in WOTC can earn a tax credit up to $9,600 per certified individual.
Walton partners with Smart Recruiters to automate the WOTC screening for new hires.  During the onboarding process, Walton administers 8 simple questions (online) to determine if the new hires potentially qualifies for WOTC.  
Employers must file IRS Form 8850 with the state's Workforce Agency to pursue a WOTC certification for potentially eligible employees within the employee's first 28 days.  Employees electronically sign Form 8850 with a simple click using Waltons screening integration.
Once the state Workforce agency receives a signed Form 8850, they determine if the employee meets the eligibility criteria.  If so, they will issue a certification to Walton on behalf of the employer.  Once the certification is received, the employee must work a minimum of 120 hours within their first year of employment.  Walton tracks this and reports the credits accordingly, directly to the employer. 
WOTC is not a refundable credit.  It is a tax credit that gets applied against the employer's federal tax liability.  Employers that cannot use the credit can carry it forward up to 20 years.
The fee is a Walton's service is determined on the estimated number of annual hires. Walton charges a percentage of the reported credit.  Alternatively, Walton offers a transactional fee based, per screened employee.
To get started, contact us at: 800.221.0832 to request a service agreement.  Once the agreement is signed, we'll setup an implementation kick-off call, where you'll receive an online form of all the information we'll need to setup your account.  Once you account is setup and we determine and test your data components, our team will roll out training materials and establish a go-live date to begin service.


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HQ Location

1715 NJ 35 Middletown, NJ 07748