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With Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Platform make your technology user-savvy with personalized onboarding, interactive guidance, and on-demand support in the flow of work OR Whatfix empowers software users to unlock the true potential of applications across web, desktop, and mobile interfaces

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Whatfix empowers anyone, anywhere to have scalable success with technology they use everyday, achieving greater knowledge, expanding capability, and unlocking productivity for themselves and their organizations. 

Whatfix has a proven record of:

  • 45% reduction in support queries
  • 84% reduction in training content creation costs
  • 3X faster time to proficiency 
  • 30% reduction in knowledge discovery time

Whatfix’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) integrates seamlessly with applications to enable users, providing in-context information and guidance to immediately increase individual capability and collectively amplify productivity. Many Fortune 500 enterprises worldwide trust Whatfix to ensure quick ROI on their technology investments and improve end-user productivity and performance.

Integration details

Whatfix works as an overlay on top of Smartrecruiters and provides the following benefits:

  • Real-time in-app guidance across applications
  • Creating Job requisitions, Open enrollments
  • Contextual self-help at the moment of need
  • Changing benefits elections, time and absence management
  • Smart tips and data validation to improve data integrity
  • Hiring restrictions, overtime hours, tax deposits
  • Visual in-app alerts to communicate changes
  • MBO updates, performance evaluation reminder
  • Automate manual tasks