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ZAPinfo helps capture (extract), enrich (find email), and send (import) data across the web

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ZAP Info Out, Enrich, And Into Your Apps Easily

ZAPinfo saves recruiters hours per day by automating nearly every part of the recruiting process and works perfectly with SmartRecruiters.

ZAP contacts and resumes out of nearly any job board, social network or search engine into SmartRecruiters, finding direct contact information (email, phone, social profiles), to get better and faster response, and make sharing info with your other web applications as easy as a few clicks.

Key features

  • Clip Any Candidate Profile From Any Site
  • Find Email + Contact Data Using Data Enrich
  • Drop Into SmartRecruiters (Or export a custom CSV) With 1-Click
  • Post Jobs To Any Jobboards In 2-Clicks
  • Eliminate manual copying and pasting of data on-line
  • Move data in and out of SmartRecruiters to job boards, HRIS, payroll, background check systems, etc.
  • Save templates with intelligent customization (i.e. name, job title, etc) when doing online marketing of the same messages during your day (job intro’s, candidate intro’s, follow up’s, setting up interviews, etc.)

ZAPInfo will feed your SmartRecruiters site with resumes & profiles, and make posting jobs easier than ever online!


Partner Categories

Strategy Advisory

Integration Costs