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Zinc is an all-in-one background and reference-checking software that supercharges the capabilities of ambitious HR and hiring teams. Our range of integrated solutions turns bad to brilliant, saving weeks of team time while building brand love.

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Zinc delivers 100% global coverage for cross-border checks in 198 countries, ensuring full compliance wherever clients hire talent. The platform is certified by the UK government's IDVT Trust Framework, meeting the highest identity verification standards.

The checks we offer

Zinc offers a variety of essential checks:

  • Global Right-to-Work: The first reusable global product offering a seamless experience for right-to-work checks, regardless of the candidate's location.
  • Employment History: Integrated with HMRC for quick, accurate employment verification.
  • Additional checks: 12+ background checks including education, references, criminal, address, ID verification, media, financial, sanctions, credit, and directorship checks.

Capabilities and compliance

Zinc ensures comprehensive compliance and efficiency:

  • 100% global compliance for cross-border checks in 198 countries.
  • Certified by the UK government's IDVT Trust Framework for identity verification.
  • Automated follow-ups for efficient management.
  • Reduces time-to-hire with background checks that take days, not weeks.

User and candidate experience

Zinc aims to provide a smooth experience for all users:

  • One-click background checks sent directly from your ATS.
  • Real-time status updates for both HR and candidates.
  • Mobile-friendly interface for a smooth referencing process.
  • Zinc grows with your hiring needs, maintaining a consistent process across all hires.

Integration details

Step 1: Navigate to the Smartrecruiters Apps and Integrations page
Step 2: Click connect on the Zinc integration
Step 3: Sign into your Zinc account to authorise access
Step 4: Customise and request checks!

Additional information here:



Global Instant Verification: making your references more robust

UK’s first instant employment verification check that pulls employment data directly from government systems (HMRC), Zinc has expanded instant employment verification to cover over 60% of our candidates across a growing number of countries.

Zinc Groups: ultimate flexibility, compliance and security across your workforce

Your teams can collaborate effortlessly and protects sensitive information so Zinc can be effectively implemented across large or complexed workplaces.

Instant global Qualification certificate check

Verify the content of any form of education or qualification globally in seconds. This takes on average 4 weeks to complete in the traditional way. 

Unified referencing: combining Employment & Professional referencing

Select multiple reference types and run them alongside each other on 1 candidate for deeper verification.



  • Hannah Abraham image

    Hannah Abraham
    Operations Administrator

    Zinc has been so helpful and has reduced our time for background checks to be complete drastically. It is also super easy to use both from our side and employee sides - zero complaints
  • Andrew W. image

    Andrew W.
    Human Resources

    The integration with our ATS made it a seamless and effortless sign-up. The account manager was great at scoping our needs and delivering the service in a matter of days. The usage rates from candidates are really high and helps us to get quick results when we are hiring at pace.
  • Claire Wilton image

    Claire Wilton
    Human Resources

    Super simple to use and a quick thing to tick off the onboarding checklist.