Adaface helps you identify the top candidates for all your tech roles fast. Save crucial engineering time by screening candidates with 750+ custom assessments for on-the-job skills (all programming languages, frameworks, aptitude).

Top candidates prefer Adaface because our bot, Ada has a friendly chat involving relevant code challenges with them as opposed to asking trick questions on a test.

Why you should choose Adaface:

– Shorter assessments (45-60 mins) to make sure engineers do it ASAP, they are investing as less time as possible, while still enough to showcase their expertise.
– Custom assessments tailored to the requirements of the role (NO trick questions)
– Extremely granular scoring that eliminates false positives and false negatives
– Friendly candidate experience (hints for each question, friendly messaging and chatbot; average candidate NPS is 4.4/5)
– Very simple and easy to use integration with Smart Recruiters
– Works on any device (mobile responsive!) and browser, no extra installation.