AJINGA helps SmartRecruiters connect with candidates in China in three key ways:

1.WeChat Recruiting: We help set up and/or integrate recruiting tools into the client WeChat account with features including a) bi-lingual employer branding or career site content, b) searchable job lists, c) branded job descriptions and d) a quick-apply tools. Jobs are automatically synchronized from SmartRecruiters into WeChat and applicant resumes are seamlessly synched back into SmartRecruiters.

2.WeChat Referral: WeChat is China’s largest social media channel and perfect for facilitating employee referrals. The AJINGA WeChat referral system helps your clients facilitate quick and easy referrals through WeChat and may include gamified rewards management and rewards distribution using the WeChat wallet function. This fully tax compliant local solution is also able to be used for non-employee (crowd sourcing) referral management too!

3.China Job Board Distribution: AJINGA supports SmartRecruiters clients distribute jobs to local China job boards such as 51job.com, Zhaopin.com and Liepin.com (amongst others) and automates the resume retrieval from these job boards to seamlessly sync back to SmartRecruiters.

AJINGA has an international team on the ground in Shanghai China, that is experienced coordinating with global, regional and local stakeholders in English and Mandarin, to ensure the success of the project. Further, AJINGA is ISO27001 certified, fully compliant with China’s local Personal Information Protection Law and takes an international approach to data privacy and data security.