With Alooba’s unique enterprise-grade tech platform, you can run data-driven hiring for your data-related roles. By throwing off the shackles of traditional hiring, you can hire the best person for the job.

With Alooba you can:

  • Save an average of 10K USD per hire
  • Reduce the regretted hire rate by up to 30%
  • Reduce time to hire by an average of 10 days
  • Remove bias from the screening process
  • Delight candidates with meaningful, actionable feedback, delivered immediately

Alooba Use Cases Available in SmartRecruiters

  • Replace manual CV screening with skills based screening tests on Alooba Assess: Manual CV screening reduces time to hire by 10 days, costs 10K USD per hire, is open to bias and leaves candidates with no feedback at all. Replace this step with quick Alooba screening quizzes, evaluating the essential skills for each role.
  • Replace clunky take-home assessments with in-depth tests on Alooba Assess: Take-home assessments help you understand your candidate’s real job skills, but they’re a huge commitment from candidates, add 10 days to the hiring process, and cost 2K USD per hire to administer. Replace this with an in-depth Alooba assessment, automatically graded with instant feedback.
  • High the best grads & interns using Alooba Junior: the world runs on data now. Every new hire into a business needs crucial basic data literacy. Ensure your fresh graduates and interns have the basic data literacy skills needed to hit the ground running.
  • Replace psychometric tests with skills based testing using Alooba Assess: Traditional psychometric tests can’t tell you the candidate’s job readiness. Replace legacy psychometric tests with skills-based testing for all your data roles. Reduce failed interviews and regretted hire by up to 30%.
  • Replace unstructured interviews with structured interviews Alooba Interview: Traditional unstructured interviews rely on the interviewer’s gut feel and intuition for evaluating candidates. Subjective interviews cause bad hires. Avoid bad hires by running structured, objective interviews, measuring candidates in an apples-for-apples way.